Monday, September 03, 2007

The Millennium Fiasco(Part 2)

Several news outlets have reported the cancellation of the Ethiopian Great Run. This event has in the past two years been one of the few opportunities for the stifled Addis Ababans to express their opposition towards the government. It is therefore no surprise that, with several parachute journalists who have little idea about what is going on in Ethiopia( This report in Time magazine is a typical example) flocking to Addis to report about  the millennium celebrations, the government cancelled what would potentially be an embarrassing event. But the great run isn't the only public event that is cancelled in the wake of the millennium. Here are the three that are on top of my head:
-Tewodros Kassahun's(Teddy Afro) concert at the Ghion hotel
-A millenium day music festival organized by TAAAF at the Meskel Square
-Ethiopian Women National Olympic Football Team's game against South Africa


Anonymous said...

Here we go again your doom and gloom story. So what if three events are cancelled? Don't you see the positive contributions that is being made. I have been following your blog for a long time and i have not read any.t thing positive. You are good fornothing and like all provocators before you, you will blog that carries your twisted principle of "my wish is a law" and hate based messages will disappear like morning dew. Better think and make positive contributions by reporting both sides of the story.

Anonymous said...

Now people are waiting as to when the government officially cancel the millennium much for the democratically elected government?!

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all. The government in Ethiopia doesn't like when people are happy. It must be the only government in the plannet which works against the wishes of the whole nation. ANY WAY EVERBODY SHOULD CELEBRATE THE HISTORIC MELLENNIUM.

Anonymous said...

THE HISTORIC MELLINNIUM SHOULD BE CELEBRATED IN THE MOST GRANDEST WAY THERE IS, BUT WE SHOULD ALL DO IT IN A TEGRE FREEZONE! We should celebrate it, but we should do it in an environment where all are Real-Ethiopians. In case we get a little excited after having a little too much we tend to say things that may not be in favor with the current regime vis-a-vis TEGRES, hence we should be allowed to say is in the confinment of our people without fear and reprisal. For that reason we should celebrate our mellinnium amongst friends and familes, must be certain the people you are celebrating with are not TEGERS.

In fact, we encourage Tegeres to celebrate in their own hall prepared for them or with other tegres so they can be free to say all kinds of deragatory names. After all while we are drinking beer, TEGERES are going to be drinking whiskey for they have more money while we are saving our money to send back home to tackle the inflation, for TEGRES they have a regime that is helping them, you all have to know that today if you are in Ethiopia and you work with a TEGEREA you will see him not worrying about the inflations, because ONLY tegeres are getting paid their salaries twice a month. So that is why TEGERES in Diaspora are not sending money to their families so they have so much money to buy hoses here in North ASmerica and European cities. Some Europeans are surprised, saying how come these people are buying houses in expensive European cities while they come from Ethiopia? the Europeans do not know that ONLY tegeres can afford those homes, for they are not sending money to their families, because their families are receiving salaries twice a month to offset the rising inflation, while Rea-Ethiopians are sending money to their families to offset the rising inflation. In fact, each and every Tegres are reciving money while they are in Dispora, Real-Ethiopians send that money to Ethiopia to help their families tackle the rising inflation rate. TPLF EXCHANGES THE MONEY IN THEIR WOGAGEN BANK AND SEND IT BACK TO THEIR CITIZENS IN DIASPORA, some times I go to Western Union to send money to my family, and I see a TEGERE coming out of the Western Union counting dollars sent for him from Ethiopia. I thought I was dreaming, I was so stunned, I had to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. The Guy kidded me saying why don't you give me the money here and I will let my organization know to give some moey to your family. After walking away from him, I realized that I might as well do that, after all TPLF is sending the same dollar back to my TEGRE friend. Instead of exchanging it thru Western Union, I might as well give the Tegere here the money so his TPLF organization can give the change back to my mother.

TPLF IS HITTING US ALL IN OUR POCKETS. THAT IS WHY WE ENCOURAGE TEGERES TO CELEBRATE ON THEIR OWN, and all Real Ethiopians to celebrate in a TEGERE FREE ZONE! I hope no one is offended because I tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

TPLF is afraid and scared of everything and so TPLF suspect anything, anyone and everyone: running people, dancing people, loving people, prisoner, caw, donkey, spaghetti, ice cream, football, Lucy (Dinkenesh) and certainly the millennium. I am not sure about visas but if you have one don’t let TPLF know abut it, if I were you I wouldn’t.

Coward TPLF used its gun to kill civilians, just recently killed hundreds of our brother and sisters in Gambela and Addis Ababa and currently it is massacring our brother and sister in Ogadene. To the disappointment of TPLF, the Gun doesn’t work but it has the opposite effect and make us more determine to struggle for our human right.

Dishonest TPLF has had tried to sell to us a snake oil (Shemeglena as a remedy to all our problems) but no one wants to buy a substance with no real medicinal value.

Greedy TPLF love and desperate for money, so start prostituting precious and priceless Lucy (our Dinkenesh), which make us (Ethiopian) and other furious.

Now it seems TPLF believe it got a right remedy for its new millennium sickness called paranoia and schizophrenia. The new tonic is to cancel, calls off, and postponed everything that anything to do with the millennium. The problem is that this mixture is also good for nothing and not better than the previous one.

I believe, there is only one remedy that can cure TPLF out of its nightmare, misery, and despair and that is Love of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, TPLF do not have that, TPLF did not born with it. We all know that TPLF was set up to annihilate Ethiopia by separating our beloved Tegerean brothers and sisters from the rest of us.


Hawassa said...


09/07/2007 GM Place Vancouver,British Columbia Gold Packages Only
09/08/2007 Rose Garden Arena Portland,OR 8/21 10am PST
09/10/2007 Taco Bell Arena Boise,ID 8/29 10am PST
09/11/2007 TBA - Washington Spokane,WA
09/13/2007 Rexall Place Edmonton,Alberta 7/6 10AM CST
09/14/2007 Credit Union Centre Saskatoon,Saskatchewan On 6/20 10am
09/15/2007 MTS Centre Winnipeg,Manitoba On 6/20 10am

Anonymous said...

should we use the millennium to embarrass fellow ethiopians by protesting against woyane or should we unite???

Anonymous said...

The above is a convoluted question. The primary issue here is that the woyanne and its leaders have proven themselves that they don't stand for anything Ethiopian. So, the Millennium as an Ethiopian celebration, has nothing to do with people who think Ethiopian history as 'only 100 years' old.

Anonymous said...

Why make a big thing of the "Menem Yelem" celebration of Woyane they tried and it has failed miserably. They never meant it they thought they could make a buck with it when they saw that most were not bitting they started canceling under the pretex of national security, they have heard that being said by others. Boy Woyane all you know is to copy cat and in a lousy way at that.

Anonymous said...

Due to security reasons, the big concert at the 10 million birr temporary hall on Bole road has been canceled. Ha ha ha....

Unconfirmed sources said that Isayas is on suicide mission to Addis. He is planning to fly in at Bole Airport and head to the concert hall before the dinner gala at Prime minister Meles's residence.

Sources from Addis have confirmed that many are planning to boycot the concert and most of all for security reasons.