Monday, September 10, 2007

Our challenge

The emotional reception of Kinijit leaders in both Britain and America shows the incredible degree of regard Ethiopians have to these  leaders all over the world. With regard comes expectation as well. Here I advise caution. There has never been a political organization like Kinijit in Ethiopian history. That means the threats and challenges facing this political party will be equally monumental. The EPRDF is an advertisement for Kinijit. I think Kinijit's biggest threat probably comes from the inside. In the next weeks and months, we may see people for whom we have had boundless respect making grave errors; moving intentionally and unintentionally to destroy the organization. We may see people trampling upon Kinjit's principles of procedural democracy. The choice is ours: Either we stand firm and tell these people that Kinijit is more than them even though they have contributed a lot to its formation and progress or we choose people over principles and bring the party down. And I say there is only one group which truly benefits from the second choice.  


Anonymous said...

We Ethiopians vote for KINIJIT! Not for Individuals.

www- We will win!

Anonymous said...

we have never seen populism leading to a good outcome in the end. CUD will do itself good by staying clear of this mounting populism.

It is a challenge to be a leader in any country. But it is all the more difficult in a highly divided, poor and intolerant society like Ethiopia.

If they ever get the chance to lead the country, it won't be long before they step on some toes. There shall begin their woes.

Anonymous said...

This is a time for resolve, wisdom and finality. Those within Kinijit have been accommodative and understanding. The time has come to move on. If we are to build a democratic culture all of us have to be accounable and priniples.
We can not go back. We have to go forward.
It is becoming clear there are those who are determined to move back to yesteryear's politics and organizaiton not matter what the damage is.

Time for clarity and fianlity.
EZ is the man!!!

Anonymous said...

Too much Hailu bashing..smells funny. What's up EZ? Do you have Asmera as orientation? Try to be more transparent yourself.

Anonymous said...

it is now clear Ethio-Zagol is an insider working with cia-weyane; you are Betinachew Tsige / Birhanu Mewa.

Anonymous said...

Tell that for ER and Andy Tsigie a paid agents of the CIA and TPLF! The CUD is gone - sadly enough because of the division of the Diaspora. But it also started right at home. Why leave a leader behind in time of difficulty? What a difference will make for the delegate to stay 5 days for the chairman of the party and head of the deligate? The Limousine and the party would have waited for 5 days. Hailu is more than anything - he is 50% of the CUD delegate and 70% of the Ethiopian electroate. Hailu is a very sincere man but he made a mistake when he drag the powerful AEUP with low life cadries like Lidetu and Berhanu Nega. It is not too late. Since Kinijit is not legally recognized, it is time to the AEUP finish what it starts 15 years ago. It will be a crime to not look after the AEUP and the Ethiopian people.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are right EZ. I also see that danger coming. The arrogance of the AEUP members in the Diaspora is limitless. They have an inflated image of themselves. They believe that Kinijit will have no life without their defunct party's organization, funding and membership capability.

Engineer Hailu may be a magnanimous and selfless leader but it may be difficult to him to control these elements, who are old timers, whose political clock has stopped in the 70s.

Anonymous said...


You have hit the nail on the head. You have precisely described the current reality within kinijit. No political organization or movement has touched Ethiopians' heart like Kinijit. The kinijit spirit has increased the political consciousness of Ethiopians like never before.

There's a major danger though coming from within. For reasons unclear, some are now working to destroy this spirit.

The solution, like EZ said, is simple. We choose principle over individuals.

Fortunately for Kinijit, the spirit has become much bigger than the leaders. Kinijit has become more than a party. It has become a movement. A movement led by the people. Ethiopians have embedded in themselves the democratic, fearlessness and peaceful principles of kinijit. No individual will hijack this spirit. Those who think they can move around with love for power and forgetting about the movement will learn things the hard way that it's not upto (or about) them anymore. It's about the future of Ethiopia and it's upto the people to determine the path Kinijit will take.

Kinijit will triumph against the toughest odds because of the higher ideals and principles it stands for.


Anonymous said...

EZ thanks,
no one is indespensible: Hailu Shawl is one person, no more no less. In fact his confrontational style made Kinijit vulnerable to the EPRDF's power abuse. Shaleqa's case is about money; accountants will settle that.
Is AEUP not the former Mehad ? so how on earth the Addis Ababa citizens vote former ethnic biased party ?
Kinijit won the election particularly in Addis and other cities mainly because of the intellectuals who are so popular even before they enter to party politics.
There were non so confrontational like Lidetu and Ato Hailu; and both struggled to be chairman even before the outcome of the election.
There is nothing to lose if such personalities would go.
But I am sure Ato Hailu will not make such historic failure.

Geda, central europe

Anonymous said...

ANDARGACHEW's (BETINACHEW)Kinijit is a carbon copy of today's TPLF with some sold out Ethiopians. If we fallow Shaleka's Kinjit is the true spirit of kinijit wanted by the people endorsed by the people and supported by the people. We do not want CIA appointed leaders for Ethiopia we want truely Ethiopian leaders, and the current kinjit under Hailu Shawel is the kinjit the people voted for and trusted with thier voice to do a good job for Ethiopia.

Anonymous said...

Anyone in Kinijit who wants to make himself god of the party has no place in our heart.Any of you there need to have lesson from Ledetu.Remember! we didn't take his past endouver for grant for his adventurious mistake.We always go with CUD and appreciate who works infavor of Ethiopia and the people.We believe CUD has no secret agenda more than the peaple's mutual benefit.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the people will separate the wheat from the chaff..just stand up and be counted.

Anonymous said...


Obviously, what you've written will be interpreted by Ethiopians as innuendo, and I don't think this helps.

Better to be clear, open, and specific about what you're talking, or to make the general point that a democratic party in a society without a democratic culture is bound to have ups and many downs.

Democracy, as has been amply demonstrated in Ethiopia, is not simply an exercise of the voting mechanism. Behaviours such as empathy and mutual respect are the cultural foundations on which the mechanics of democracy are built.

If there are disagreements within Kinijit, hopefully the parties will interact with empathy and respect, and solve their issues using the simple but effective voting mechanism. And hopefully, those on the losing end will not resort to bitter acrimony as demonstrated by Lidetu.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic Idea by EZ. No one is more than Kinijit and priniciples of Kinijit that attracted millions of Ethiopians. Any one who wants to go aginst this prinicples would be out of the game with immediate effect. I have a good feeling of what Kinijit means to Ethiopians.

Anonymous said...

This competition of ideas in Kinijit is good in the long run. All play role from backbone to team building to transparency to communication, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with what GOOCH (11:50 am)posted.
One point I'd add is that even if Kinjit is to be split in to various parties (not more than two hopefully) it would be unfortunate, but woudn't be the end of the world - as long as they (all factions or parties) agree to work together for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. Who said Ethiopians need not have more than two parties? The key here is working together and not necessarily becoming or remaining one.

Anonymous said...

anon 11:50 am,

Emotion is running high and the Woyannies are fueling it. All this junks who are writting trash above don't have a clue on what they are writting. The CUD leaders specially of Medeksa, Birhanu, Gizachew and others seems to think the Diaspora is more important than taking care of business at home. The prison life has given them the hibigibi and they are in a flight. Dr. Berhanu and friends - We the Diaspora will be here a week from now a month from now a year from now etc.etc.etc. Your coming to visit us and to help bring clarity focus or peace would have been in order after you take care of buisness at home where it counts. You are not even legally registered and you are attacking the patriarch of the CUD. No organization will ever survive by treating his leader like this. Some of the delegates even went to the extra length of defending the US Embassy for delaying the visa. As much as we appreciate your great desire to come and thank us… it is really not necessary and I am sure you could do more with the money spent on air tickets/hotel and Limousine expenses in rebuilding much of what has been lost at home. Sorry you may not like my pushing the home front, but if you remember the whole inception of KINIJIT was about the home front and not the Diaspora. The Rotten Diaspora with Elias Kiflie as a catalyst will take you no where except distracting you from your mission. So please do not loose sight of where it all started how it started and what it took to get where we are today. Give a great respect to elderly Hailu Shawel.

You rushed to NA as if there is no tomorrow. Now enjoy the limlight and think far. The crissis can be resolved tomorrow or after you get back to Addis. Otherwise there might not be a party to celebrate.

As stated no one is indespensible. Eng. Gizachew, I would say leave that to the people and please do not become to cockie this late in the game. We are all watching and hearing and are becoming quite amused.

Anonymous said...

EZ You said "There has never been a political organization like Kinijit in Ethiopian history" Do you have any analysis for that? Do you think only the princeple that make this organization popular? I don't think so. All the other Party also said that they want to established democracy in Ethiopia. According to my observation Knijit is inclusive party. If we see in the leadership they came from different way of life both old and new genration Ethiopian included, both libral and conservative people included. If the party sided with one group It will become Zero sum game. They have to solve the problem wisely. Finally, what was your contributions for the struggle? Did you bound yourself with the truth or do you still side with one group (Andargachew)? Answer that for your self

Anonymous said...

KINJIT as a modern party, its great clear manifesto and its principles are the driving force for its acceptance as a popular party in Ethiopia and abroad. The leaders of Kinjit are responsible to safe guard that precious principle. The principles of Knijit are "very precious" for most poor Ethiopians like me than anything else. I have a great hope that the leaders of Kinjit will take care of that responsibilty until the desired goal is achieved. The people of Ethiopia especially the poor and the oppressed are watching all the movements of this party very carefully. Please note that from now onwards Kinjit belongs to the Ethiopian people not only to its leaders. Let the Almighty God bless Ethiopia. Peace and love among Ethiopians will prevail soon!! Melkam Addis Amet to the Ethiopian people especially to the poor Ethiopians.

Anonymous said...

Kinijit will not split.
I suggest for Ato Hailu :
1. to make sure every detail finace case in North America be checked
2. himself to abide with the rules of democratic leadership
3. to stop his own ideas imposition on the party like he did on the issue of "boycotting the parlam."
4. to consider his age and health and to step aside for dynamic young leaders; Prof Mesfin is a very good example that he avoided all party position except membership as he is now 76.
5. last but not least he has to see the party more important than his personal relationship with Shaleqa and others


Anonymous said...

plese keep your tought for yor self. Are you scared the truth is going to come out and exposs you. most of us orady know who you are and have mad up our minds we rather see Kinijit go dowen than see Kinijit moves on with people like you"BETENACHAW".Ethiopia is in this mess because of people like you who thinks in there stomach rather than there go back to wher you belonge (TPLF) you have no place in Kinijit.Kinijit belongs to true Ethiopians who thinks for there People not for there stomach. so EZ "Betnachew" do some thing in your life for a change fid a job and be a MAN.

Anonymous said...

Andy aka EZ must be looking into the abyss since the plot to keep Ato Hailu Shawel chairman of Kinijit out of N.A. has failed. You know it and we know it that coup d'etat isn't a democratic process whether you call it 'collective leadership' or not.

Sit tight sleek Andy. Your down ward slide with your accomplices will start soon. kkkkkkk

Anonymous said...

Why is it everytime we "habesha's" hear the truth about anything, we take it personal? It amazes me.

Thumbs up for EZ! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

I saw Andy at the London Airport greeting CUD leaders. He is ours.

Kinijit menfes new.

Anonymous said...

Kinijit supporters in the United States are pumped up. What a great reception at Dulus Airport in VA. I cried watching the event via Ethiopians who believe in Democracy should stand up and be counted. We in diaspora have proved that we can change things in Ethiopia and yesterday's scene confirms it.

Anonymous said...

What a bone head! You think you are changing things in Ethiopia because you gave little money or went to airport to welcome some opposition leaders? You are a clueless soul. Go back to Ethiopia and visit the people. They will teach you a thing or two what it takes to change things in that country. You are so full of yourself!

Get real man/woman! Don't let EZ aka sleek Andy lead you by the nose to the woyane camp.

Anonymous said...

The Ethiopian diaspora have supported CUDP not because of individuals but because of its commitement to democracy and development.Therefore, any individual who thinks he is indispensable is vey very wrong.We love our freedom and democratic rights than a certain individual.As a democratic organization any CUD senior official must accept the decission of the majority.That is the only way to command the respect of others.The era of friendship and loyality above principle must end.This is the way to win.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to decode it all for ya:
1. She is referring to Hailu Shawel and his arrogance. He is going to go his way or the highway. Hailu Shawel v. Dr. Birhanu Nega. That is the show down.

2. There will be a split. Hailu Shawel and Sahleka will galvanize a certain portion of the Amara commnity that cannot fanthom a Gurage or an Oromo leading. The "Afachehune Zegegatchehu Teketelu" Group. The other Group will mainl consist of Gurages, Urban Oromos, Urban Amaras, will be lead by Birtukan or Dr. Birhanu. The Birhanu camp is more of the new Ethiopia while the Hailu Shawel camp are Old school Amaras who haven't realized things have changed.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! The diaspora supporters of the opposition are so full of themselves. They think they are the back bone of the democratic movement in Ethiopia. Let me break the bad news to you folks. The people in Ethiopia will take your financial support and activism in the west but don't ever fool yourself even just for one second. They are leading you and CUD not the other around. You will be left floating in thin air if you assume you are the king maker and mover shakers of Ethiopian people's political movement for freedom and democracy!

Sorry but this is the undiluted truth. It may be bitter and I won't sugar coat it!

Anonymous said...

Hailu Shawel gave many Kinijit leaders and others backbone. TPLFites do not like him for this, to put it mildly.

TPLFites want to do anything to have people they feel they can control so that the country does not go to free one man one vote. Their numbers make this a reality.

Many supporters and other Kinijit members have much more desire now. Hailu will get due credit. The NA financial and fracturing will require work, but people have bigger goal than small parties. There many other skill sets that other bring like Dr. Berhanu and all will play a role.

Anonymous said...

A recent poll coming from Ethiopia and Diaspora:

Majority Ethiopians only recognize HAILU SHAWEL as the true leader of Ethiopia, they all say if they have to prove it by vote tomorrow they will vote for HAILU SHAWEL again, they do not like the political wrangling in Diaspora.

Majority Diaspora still believe HAILU SHAWEL to be the leader of kinjit, no one can carry the party better than the person who brought the group together, HAILU SHAWEL. Those who are trying plant Betinatchew Tsigie as the next leader of Ethiopia are in a very tiny minority, most of them are angry TEGERES worried of losing their TPLF brought benefits. OUR LEADER HAILU SHAWEL PROMISSED US EVERY COMPANY WILL BE INVESTIGATED INCLUDING EFFORT, WOGAGEN, AND THE OTHER JUNIOR COMPANIES ERRECTED AT THE EXPENSE OF ETHIOPIANS. They hope to manipulate our people to give Betnachew Tsigie the saviour of TPLFites. His sister is married to Teferra Walewa (who is the bridge between TPLF nad its carbon copy Betinachew's kinjit. TPLF is investing so much on this outcome to make sure Betinachew wins the seat, the truth is he will not HAILU SHAWEL IS THE ONLY RECOGNIZED LEADER ANNOINTED BY THE GRACE OF GOD TO SAVE ETHIOPIANS FROM TPLF WOLVES AND THEIR CARBON COPY ORGANIZATION ENDORCED BY ER AND EZ AS WELL AS AIGA AND WALTA.



Anonymous said...

EZ aka Adenagrachew Tsige,

Hailu Shawel will remain your nightmare. Ante kehadi welaway. He is coming to America to expose your kahadi ass. No matter how much noise you make Kestedamana's take over of kinijit will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

We already know it is you who is the real actor of this ugly Drama. We are already prepared for this war.

Our support group is accountable to nobody but its members first who are putting a lot of time and money and the Ethiopian people second.

I read Eng. Gizachew's (of the many CIA and your recruite) interview with Tsigie saying he will fix things in NA. Boy! He doesn't know what he is talking about. We are not accountable to him or Berhanu Nega. They can come and talk to us. That is it - we are a support group who would like to help Ethiopia. Everything will be decided by our general assembly if and when any request comes from the president of Kinijit Eng. Hailu Shawel. We are a legally registered entity and no body can fu#ck around with us. That is what Andy, Gizachew, Berhanu Nega do not understand. But they will learn through time. Right now they are flying high leaving the Ethiopian people behind as if the struggle is here but eventually they will come down when AWEDELDAY Tamagne and Elias run out of gas.

Anonymous said...

EZ there is a message for you that were written about two thousand (millennium) years ago.

“Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit? …Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? … You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye” Luke 6.39-42


Anonymous said...

Hagos above is correct in one sense. TPLF will be very happy with an intellectual, unconnected, urban, opposition, unknown in the land to have the 85% agrarian population to itself. One thing I notcied about Hailu is he is connected to the poor farmer. Look at his hard talk interview. Hope they can come together.

General CUD supporter.

Anonymous said...

The intransigence of Hailu has run its course. He being dictated by Dr. Getachew Haile and Eng. Moguus has discredited himself. He standing in the leadership has deteriorated so much, he could not carry any resolution. The optimist Hailu who saw the victory of the 2005 election, bought into the reactionary and sectarian line of Getachew, Mogus and Almaz. What a shame?
He gave an interview claiming his intention to stay in Addis only to change his mind within hours and beg to come to the US. It reminds me of the age old Ethiopian saying: sismuat tita sisbuat!!

So Hailu has fallen into his own trap. Having alienated his fellow prisoner leaders believing in the discredited and frozen authoritarian faction in America, his future is doomed whether he submits his resignation or he stays.

Now that the official delegation is here his marginalization is solidified.
His hand picked cronies by Dr. Taye with their EPRP surrogates will not save the day.

For Hailu the glorious days are gone. The question is will he leave the scene quietly and politely or in disgrace.

I wager on the latter.

Anonymous said...

EZ you have past your limits. Sugar coating and playing with words is not helpful. The people know who Hailu Shawel is people have know this man's integrity not as of today or last year, but from way back when he worked for Shell the Highway Authority etc. His hard work of building this organization.

The people in question are the one you are trying to defend. People who in the past have betrayed their friends, have served Woyane, have played in their yard. Yet we where all willing to foregt and forgive so my dear the lack of integrity is in the ones you are trying to push. Hailu Shawel is not and will not be defiled by you or your friends his track recond proves who he is. Sorry budy you made a big booboou

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye TPLF, Hello Kinijit.

Bye Bye Kality, Hello America

Bye Bye Meles Zenawi, Hello Ethiopians all over the world.

Bye Bye the past 16 years, Hello freedom, unity and a New Year.

.......I am out.

Have A Nice Holiday.

Anonymous said...

ቅንጅት በኢትዮጵያን ዘንድ ተወዳጅ ፓርቲ የሆነዉ በፖለቲካ ፕሮግራሙና አደረጃጀቱ ነዉ ብለዉ ለሚሉት የማቀርብላቸዉ ጥያቄ ቢኖር የቅንጅትን ፕሮግራምና አደረጃጀት የሚያዉቀው ምን ያክል ህዝብ ነዉ ?? ከ 15% የበለጠ የተማረ ህዝብ በሌለበት አገር , ተማረ የተባለዉ ህዝብ የክፍፍል መሰረት በሆነበት አገር ቅንጅት በፕሮግራሙ ብቻ 15%ን የተማረዉን ህዝብ ድጋፍ ሙሉ በሙሉ ሊያገኝ አይችልም :: ለቅንጅት ስኬት መሳካት መሰረት የሆኑት ከፕሮግራሙ ይልቅ የአመራሩ አባላት ያላቸዉ ታሪክና ኢትዮጵያን ከችግር ለማዉጣት ያሳዩት የዘመናት ተጋድሎ ነዉ :: ከዚህ ስንነሳ የ ሐይሉ ሻዉል , የፕሮፌሰር መስፍን , የአቶ ልደቱ አያሌዉና የ ዶ /ር ብርሐኑ ነጋ የግል የትግል ታሪክ ከፍተኛ ሚና ተጫዉቷል :: አቶ ልደቱ ከቅንጅት ሲወጡ ህዝቡ ያወገዛቸዉ ይህንን ህብረት ማጣት ካለመፈለግ ነበር :: ተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ ከተፈጠረ ህዝቡ ሁሉንም ወገን ተጠያቂ ማድረጉ የማይቀርና ከትግሉም መሸሹ ሳይታለም የተፈታ ነው :: የቅንጅት አመራር ዲያስፖራው በዉስጡ በፈጠረው ክፍፍል ምክኒያት ከሚከፋፈል ይልቅ መሉ በሙሉ የዲያስፖራዉን አመራር ቢያሰናብቱት መልካም ነዉ ::

Anonymous said...

I support you anonym @1:33 partly with even discrediting those heros who kept KINIJIT's spirit alive, because we shall never forget they rescued KINIJIT at the darkest times - which Eng. Hailu mentioned all the time. Now that its time for Ethiopian to rescue our leader from those few misguiders for whom KINIJIT's move in uncomprehending. Even then I prefer all the delegates to order diaspora to organize itself and not to get allied with this or that. We expect Eng. Hailu Showel to announce his arrival to the ad hoc committee so that we would express our love to him. The only wishes I have at this moment is he respect our love and seal every hole listening to Teddy's new album .....
"Le alem Le alem endayleyayen Zelealem"
"Sinkoraref telat yiskal ..... yal ante keto Kinijit keyet yidemkal"

Anonymous said...

Please, don't dampen the spirit of joy that is engulfing us thanks to the leaders amongst us especially Birtukan and Berhanu, the young and courageous leaders, the hope of Ethiopia. Imagine the integrity of Birtukan! The intellect of Berhanu, the masterpiece he wrote while in custody! Then of course you have the courage and principle of the older generation, the Hailu Shawels, Hailu Arayas, Gizachew Shiferaws, Mulneh Eyoels, Yacob Hailemariams, Debebe Eshetus, Serkalem Fasils, ad infinitum. Aren't we lucky to see so many heroes amongst us, when we thought the combined atrocities of Mengistus and Meles have destroyed the cream of the crop amongst us? Aren't we being reborn by these counteless heroes? Can any happiness match the electrigying happiness Ethiopians experienced at Dulles, London, South Africa, Addis, etc.? The best gift of all times, to have these heroes amongst us: Melekam Enkutatash my good Ethiopians for today tomorow next year, next century, the Millenium. We are indeed a blessed people to have so many heroes amongst us at the dawn of a new era!!! Rejoice!! Rejoice!!

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see all nothing-bettr-to-do diasporas greeting their fabricated heroes. Should they have been jailed? NO. But beng jailed does make one a hero? Hell, no! Remember there were over 190 innocent Ethiopians who had lost their lives whether you like it or not because of the stupid mistakes these so called leaders have committed. Our problem has always stem from our worshiping leaders. Cut it out!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @2:36

Nice attitude toped with an up lifting lyric from Tedy ( It seems from Tedy Afro).

Anonymous @ 1:33 am

I agree with most of your statement. The last part about taking out the lead out of the diaspora, according to CUDP executive and PR, Engineer Gizachew Shiferaw, one of the reasons for their tour overseas is to unite and solidify the support chapters. The out come of their expected stay for about two months will determine the bridge between the diaspora and the struggle in Ethiopia.

As of now, some of the signs are between a clear line of what group arrived on 9/9/07, which diaspora leadership is associated with this group and the turns and twists of the visa delay which by coincidence or design exposed the division.

So far the closest person to the definition of what fits the term closest in action, “indispensable” in CUDP’s leadership in Ethiopia or the diaspora is unfortunately, despite some of his potential qualitites, is Andargachew Tsege. If they were not released from prison, to denounce a directive of an elected imprisoned and symbol of the leadership’s Chairman and label the same person as a “dictator” is not a good sign at all. In my view there was nothing dictatorial about sending a message to merge all of KIL, including him self with the eleven add on and rename it KIC.

KIC has faced several attacks from Andargachew’s supporters and followers, but every time I question what CUDP is up to, lately I find reading the series, The road a head “One Kinijit One Voice” on KIC’s web site ( a comfort and reassuring for hope in the right direction.


You, your self have come under some controversy. I hope not to find myself fooled if I think that you are not Andargachew although you have endorsed him over the last several months. I don’t know how he thinks in English and find his Amharic literatures boring. I could not read beyond a page of his latest posted on some web sites including I do not believe at all that you are Andargachew Tsege.

You are right about potential errors and people are observing, but you also need to be careful about leaving your readers guessing as to who is “indispensable” or what error could be taking place. Even your own objective opinion is appreciated.

The guessing goes on....
If I guess who you are, you probably have a good link with AAU, some international institutes including the ECA, some other Ethiopian institutions, political parties and you have some back ground in some kind of specialized journalism that can get a feed back on polls as well as investigative and analitcal process.

Happy Millennium to you and all Ethiopians.

Septembe 11, 2007

Anonymous said...

Funny how fast we run to cast stone at leaders that mean well and sacrifice their life for the freedom of our people. I don't think anyone of us have earned the right to blame or tarnish the intent of these leaders who just came out of 18 month of prison fighting for democracy.

It is OK to disagree with strategy but it is not OK pass judgment from the comfort of our keyboards. I don't think any of us have earned that right.

Strategies and alliances may change but the goal remains the same. The bottom line is we elect leaders to lead us and guide us we may not agree with every decision they make but we can not ask for their heads every time that happens.

It scares me when we say we are fighting for democracy yet we show no tolerance of differences.

Are we really ready for democracy? Do we even understand democracy? this are question we all need to ask ourself before we pass judgment on others!


Anonymous said...

To Anon@ 6:46, thanks for the nice words but not thanks friend. I only invited to our hero leader Gash Hailu, he is our wise courageous leaders NOT NOT ever keysi. Don't ever dream of those thousands at Dulles to see people like dr. Taye to lead KINIJIT, I assure you. We are now on struggle to reassure that our chairman be with his patriotic colleagues and not with those kinship, friendships which surrounded and misguided him. I can go to the end with Eng. Hailu but not with the anti-kinijit elements in keysi, we would fight them till the end if those feudals couldn't hear the louder bell which we rang on 9th. Please read our elite Prof's article, he is the man. (September I hope he would give us his ears as he gave to merchaw's radio, we would see him sooner as a 6th Patriot in the US.

Anonymous said...

annon at 6:31, I am annon of 6:27:

Well there are two views at present in Ethiopia, the divisive views where is lumped Woyane, OLF, ONLF, etc. and the views of the rest of Ethiopia that came out to vote on May 15, 2005, a 28-million strong. You are of the first view, the divisive view, and in your own Woyane style want to keep Woyane in power at all cost, just like the donkey that said "Ene kemotiku serdo Ayibkel." My view reflects the May 15, 2005 view. Hope you understand. Our views are diametrically opposed. To repeat what I wrote earlier:

Please, don't dampen the spirit of joy that is engulfing us thanks to the leaders amongst us especially Birtukan and Berhanu, the young and courageous leaders, the hope of Ethiopia. Imagine the integrity of Birtukan! The intellect of Berhanu, the masterpiece he wrote while in custody! Then of course you have the courage and principle of the older generation, the Hailu Shawels, Hailu Arayas, Gizachew Shiferaws, Mulneh Eyoels, Yacob Hailemariams, Debebe Eshetus, Serkalem Fasils, ad infinitum. Aren't we lucky to see so many heroes amongst us, when we thought the combined atrocities of Mengistus and Meles have destroyed the cream of the crop amongst us? Aren't we being reborn by these counteless heroes? Can any happiness match the electrigying happiness Ethiopians experienced at Dulles, London, South Africa, Addis, etc.? The best gift of all times, to have these heroes amongst us: Melekam Enkutatash my good Ethiopians for today tomorow next year, next century, the Millenium. We are indeed a blessed people to have so many heroes amongst us at the dawn of a new era!!! Rejoice!! Rejoice!!

Anonymous said...

Haileselassie used to have legitimacy among most of the ordinary citizens of Ethiopia, but not the elite. As the welcoming ceremony at Dulles International Airport attests, KINIJIT, unlike any other political force in Ethiopia or, for that matter, Africa, has achieved a double victory by winning the hearts and minds of, and hence by gaining legitimacy from, both the ordinary citizens as well as the elites of Ethiopia. I will never lose hope any more; Ethiopia has a better future ahead of her; Ethiopia will become the first African country that will have a meaningful, participatory, vibrant, and viable Liberal or Social democratic state in the near future.

Anonymous said...


Here is a little something I put together for all my brothers and sisters. Woyane or Kinijit!

EZ, I dedicate this to you. Ignore the idiots here.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid, Dr. Taye's/Shaleka Admasu's group of kinigit is determined to reck kinijit's and break the spirit of the Ethiopian people, just to satisfy their own ego and hunger for power.

The Ethiopian people, both at home and in the diaspora know what is best for them and who their leaders are. And they have demonstrated their undivided loyality to them as demonstrated by the congratulatory gestures they afforded to the leaders after they were released and by their overwhelmin appearance at the airport to welcome them here.

We are not kids to be told what is good and bad for us. Doing that is Woyane style. We are adults, and can judge what is and is not best for us.

Please refrain from recking the the struggle and rewarding Woyane! Please come back to your senses and stop dividing the people and the party!! Please do not destroy the best opportunity and hope the Ethiopian people ever had to transition to democracy through a unified struggle!!!

Anonymous said...

EDITORIAL: I would rather celebrate “Ethiopia” by Myself

By Tecola W. Hagos


I would rather celebrate the Millennium of my great Ethiopia by myself than celebrate such a great country with any group that has among its “honored” guests Red Terror participants, Mengistu’s brutal government ex-officials, and opportunist intellectuals. I celebrate Ethiopia’s enduring legacy by myself, and I have every right to do so since Ethiopia is, after all, the creation of the labor and courage of my ancestors. Unlike most of the celebrants (by examining their program), the reality of Ethiopia to me is not an academic issue or a vehicle to express my “opposition” agenda or some kind of scheme for the acquisition of power, but an existential fact of recognizing and honoring the courage and foresight of my ancestors for maintaining Ethiopia for these thousands of years of independence and freedom. [For the record, I would like to note here that our Ethiopian intellectuals in the Diaspora, with the exception of a few, spent their entire lives in pursuit of their own selfish careers out in the West, and they seem to have suddenly discovered their Ethiopian patriotism now in the shadow of the Opposition.]

What is now billed as the Ethiopian Millennium Celebration at Howard University and later at the DC Armory is not a celebration of Ethiopia at all, but an orgy of self congratulatory aggregation of individuals blinded by hate and moved by narrow ethnicism. I find it to be an insult to the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia that once again we are being manipulated by hate filled narrow ethnicists, who are going insane with unbridled ambition for the acquisition of political power. At the center of all this hollow posturing, I find the same old hand of manipulation and deceit of the Mahel Sefaris who are mostly from Addis Ababa and vicinity and their few gullible (almost stupid) provincial supporters hailing from the rest of Ethiopia (the Provinces). Some of the Provincials believe wrongly solidarity with such Mahel Sefaris will promote the interest of Ethiopia. What we have here is quite a large number of Ethiopians, who are mostly confused, and not knowing how they are being herded into a situation by ambitious individuals with no scruple in using and abusing people. Even putting it generously, such people are mostly a bunch of spineless refugees who left Ethiopia as refugees from Mengistu’s Government seeking protection rather than fighting for their people and their own rights when that government started collapsing.

It seems to me that the celebrants, at “Millennium Celebration” organized in Washington DC, do not seem to have any clear idea what they are celebrating. I read the program and studied the individuals who are supposed to moderate and present papers. It is quite tragic to see such motley characterless group at a podium of significance. I must admit that I was shocked to read the names of known Red Terror participants such as Negede Gobeze, notorious ex-officials of the brutal Mengistu along with the names of individuals whom I respect and admire greatly. I say shame on you all for defiling an otherwise great moment in our history and for dragging the great name of Ethiopia and its great heroes into the mud of your short-sighted little political game.

This “Millennium Celebration” organized in Washington DC is a reactionary program, and it is certainly a counterpoint to the Ethiopian Government’s celebration program. On the other hand, I cannot imagine how Meles Zenawi and his Government would organize such a monumental celebration, when, as a matter of recorded fact that Meles Zenawi is responsible for land locking Ethiopia. He is personally responsible for leading Ethiopia into ethnicism of the worst kind; he is responsible for fracturing a social system whose end is going to be catastrophic. The degree of economic decline resulting in famine and hunger, and the relentless human rights abuse et cetera are all Meles Zenawi’s doing. I even question the patriotism of Meles Zenawi and such group, let alone I joining in the celebration organized by such individuals. The entire “Celebration” phenomenon, from what ever source, whether in Washington DC or in Meles Zenawi’s backyard is questionable, and I believe the motives for celebrating Ethiopia by such groups is a reflection of hate rather than love or pride in Ethiopia. And I do not want anything to do with it.

The whole program is manipulated and distorted by the same obnoxious group of people and their gullible followers, who have for decades usurped our Ethiopian legacy and drove our country into the hands of brutal leaders such as Mengistu and Meles. Starting from the very top of the program, where they have deliberately tried to promote the interest of a particular ethnic group, what I see in the Celebration program are Mahel Sefaris and their spawns, with distorted and corrosive revisionist “history” of Ethiopia, promoting the limited particular ethnic interest or cultural connection. This “Celebration” should have been aimed to bring the Ethiopian people together; however, what it ended up doing is further polarize our multilayered problems by reintroducing rotten and corrupt individuals and grafting them onto our new Millennium—a mixing of old wine with new wine, thereby despoiling all.

What a tragedy to witness the fact that even a legitimate hero like Birtukan Medeksa could be listed along with Red Terror Participants, and is not spared from being used by such unscrupulous individuals. Once again, shame on you all for destroying the great vision and hope for Ethiopia that would have helped us come together and rebuilt our nation. Looking at the list of the invited guests and taking into account the whole feel of the celebration of the Millennium in Washington DC, I chose to celebrate Ethiopia on my own, by myself, than be among such a group of Ethiopians among whom lurk the worst human beings in any people’s history. Ω

Tecola W. Hagos

September 6, 2007

Washington DC

Anonymous said...


In Tedy Afro's new Album, we find this turn of phrase:

[b]"እንኳን አደረሠን፡ ለአዲስ ዘመን
ዘመኑን ጀመርነው ይኼው ታርቀን"[/b]

ማን ከማን ታረቀናነዉ ይህ ስንኝ መግባቱ ???

ዲሞክራሲና አምባገነንነት ከቶዉንም አይታረቁም !!!

ቴዲ ወያኔን እርቅ ፈላጊ አድርጎ ማቅረቡ የሚገርም ነዉ !!

መልካም አዲስ አመት !!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Tecola Hagos,

I agree with most of what you said,I also have a lot of respect for you, esp with your unwaevering love for Ethiopia and her unity.

But having said that, just condemning both celebrations is not enough, esp coming from an intelligent person like you. GIVE US AN ALTERNATIVE. What needs to be done to bring Ethiopia back from the abyss of this hateful ethnic based madness this current government has led us into?



Anonymous said...

Tekola Hagos,

It is amusing to read a well known narrow ethncist the like of Tekola Hagos speaking about hate and "narrow ethnicism". If it is a joke, it is a sad and poor joke. Poor Tekola please look in the mirror and you will see who is really blinded with hate and narrow ethnicism. While you are at it, please also try to recall your advisory post to Meles and 'masterminding' ethnic politics from the beginning until you left your idol, Meles and the wrteched TPLF.

As usual, you are venting in vain, as you have no trace of integrity or moral authority to speak about others.

Anonymous said...

EZ, why don’t you call a Spade a ‘Spade’, instead of going around in circles? You must be a TPLF supporter in disguise. We all know whose side you are on – the opportunist Andy who changes Parties like his shirt, and Mewa, the sly master of intrigues!

Gizachew’s interview with EZ appears to be delivering a veiled message from the recently arrived Kinijit delegation to the Diaspora. EZ’s slogan that “no one is indispensable” seems to be directed at Eng. Hailu Shawel and that the rest of the leaders are indispensable. Well, I have news for you. It will be the Ethiopian people’s prerogative to decide who goes and who stays and not individuals whether they be Party members or otherwise.

What a shame, many of us had such an admiration for Berhanu Nega, but now we have come to realize that it was him who was orchestrating the debacle among Kinijit supporters from Kality. When he was saying that he is in the struggle for the liberty of his children and for himself, we did not realize that he meant it literally. Berhanu’s principles have been compromised and one wonders if he really has the aspirations of the Ethiopian people at heart. He is trading the worthy sacrifices he paid for a power grab. Gizachew, the mouthpiece, also indicates that one of their principles is not to be confrontational towards TPLF. I presume he means that the 8 point preconditions presented to TPLF negotiators as a prerequisite to enter Parliament were confrontational. Apparently, Eng. Hailu Shawel’s transgression is that he carried out the will of the Ethiopian people and of the Diaspora, who asked the Leadership not to enter the fake Ethiopian Parliament. (Here, let me remind those with memory lapses that after the elections, in a meeting held in the Expo Hall, thousands of Kinijit supporters had asked the Leadership not to enter Parliament).

It is clear that the US does not want Kinijit to be confrontational towards TPLF.
The Ethiopian people do not need leaders that have been cloned by the CIA and TPLF or anyone imposed by a foreign government. Remember the last time that happened? NEVER, NEVER AGAIN !

Anonymous said...

Tecola Hagos is a psyco! Please don't take him seriously!

Anonymous said...


Ato Hailu will come to the DC saturday. There are unconfirmed report that he will be in Minessota in his home this wednesday. Eng Mogues, Shaleka ..have all flowned to the twin cities. They will be having detailed and conspirational meeting in Minesota. They will also be joined by Dr GEtachew Haile.

I think the chairman should have called his colleagues and joined then on wednesday. Instead he called his old friends.

So from Minnesota he will fly to DC reagon airport (not an international airport).


1. Who will welcome Ato Hailu ? Will his welcoming ceremony be considered as a compliment to the welcoming ceremony of the others or as an undermiing effect ?

2. Will Ato Hailu join his colleagues or will he be staying on his own with his own "entourages" ?

3. Will he attend the town hall meeting prepared by the DC chapter on sunday ?

4. Will he give radio interviews on civil, pro-kinijit and pro-ethiopia radio like Addis Dimtse or Kinijit Forum Radio or will he be the guest of honour of Abyot tebaki Merchaw ?

I THINK THE NEXT 3, 4 days are judgement days for Ato Hailu. They will determine whether he wil continue to be a respected and admired leader or whether he will follow suit Ato Lidetu to the political ditch.

Let us cross fingers and watch democracy in play within KINIJIT.

Anonymous said...

Tecola Hagos,

Lemayawkish tategni indilu, jib yemayawkut hager hedo kourbet antifuligh ale yibalal. Tecola we know you from your law school days. You are a hypocrite, confused, ego-maniac, ethncocentric, and hallucinogenic individual. Look where you stand now, totally confused and deliberately obfuscating the gullible. You seem to speak lowely of Birtukan. Look she is not only a smarter lawyer and judge than you are, but she is a person with integrity, vision, courage, and honesty. Don't try to blemish her name, as yours is not worth 10 cents. Nobody takes you seriously despite your jumping up and down, and you still live by the glory of your Harvard days when you got credentials from Woyane to join the institution but later had to be thrown out since you were after all masquerading as an intellectual which you are not. Look all your confused writings, withour direction, full of egotistic blabberings. Afterall said though, Melkam Enkutatash for you the confused soul.

Anonymous said...

Anonynous @1:07 PM

So you think Ato Hailu should have contacted those who left without him when they knew his visa was delayed although he applied for it two weeks before theirs. They never even bothered to enquire about the reason for the visa delay.
Your rumor mongering will not get you anywhere!

Anonymous said...

anon 1:07 pm,

You are a typical Andy Tsigie's cadrie. A man who stubbed Ethiopia by colaborating with Zenawi. A man who had preached ethnicism against Ethiopianism for material benefit.

Hailu Shawel a true son of Ethiopia will prevail!!

Anonymous said...


Whatever message you are trying to send it would help your readers if you also try to be transparent. Gone are the "cloak and dagger" days when things were done secretly like the TPLF is still doing.

KINIJIT stood for democracy and transparency. That is what makes it different from TPLF and that is why it is enormously popular by the people. If you have an axe to grind say so. If you think XYZ is causing problem within Kinjit, say so. Kinijit is not only spirit but should also be an open book where its supporters can discuss issues freely.

But please spare us from the kind of talk like the one below which we are tired of hearing.

"In the next weeks and months, we may see people for whom we have had boundless respect making grave errors; moving intentionally and unintentionally to destroy the organization. We may see people trampling upon Kinjit's principles of procedural democracy."

Anonymous said...

First of all, we have told you to shut up your stupid mouth!
Thanks to Eng. Hailu Shawel's ledearship some people from kinijit are now seen as heros. If he didn't get back to Ethiopia form USA things would have gone differntly. By now some of the "heros" would be in woyne parlma with Tmesgen and Chamiso and would already have been discarded as garbage like Kedtu.
Now agin Eng. Hailu will come to USA and give us his great ledarship and orient some people who are lost kinjit's way.

Anonymous said...

I think it will be a disaster if Revolutionary dictators and dectators like Berhanu Nega and his lautenat Andargachew Tege control. These guys are left overs from Weyane and there is no need to recycle Weyane. We need change and a replacement of one Weyane with Amhric Speaking Weyanes. As we can see the negative campaign waged against Hailu Shawel is from text book of Weyane. The sooner Enginer Hailu remove berhanu the better.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:07,

Respect the patriarch of CUD and our struggle Eng. Hailu Shawel. With out him we won't have smell or feel that freedom is with in our reach.

Of the people Andargachiew Tsigie is your hero. If you have flip a page or two of that terrible book called: "Ye Amhara Hizb Keyet Wed Yet" - you will be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Some try to equalize the tested and trusted leadership of Eng. Hailu with suspect and one time buddy of Bereket Simion Birhanu Nega. All who truly have his heart at the unity and democracy for Ethiopia will always will stand with tested leaders like Eng. Hailu and Pro. Mesfin.

Ethiopia will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Hailu Shawel is done and dusted. CUD has no place for emperror. He has to hand the key and move out. The time demand intellectual and energetic leaders to bring about change in Ethiopia. Time to move on with vision. The Shaleka/Taye and associates are a big burdon to the struggle. The sooner they hand over to democratically elected body the better it if for them.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:54 pm,
That will be the end of Kinijit. If you are really for Kinijit, this is the time the party needs unity. The struggle is dead at home. There is nothing!NJET!ZIP! with out Hailu Shawel you ain't go anywhere. If Berhanu continues the harrassment Hailu may use his executive power and suspend him from Kinijit like that of Lidetu. With that we end our long walk in to the millennium and start from where we left of the struggle 2 years ago. You know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Greetings to all!
The outpouring of emotions we've witnessed in welcomning the recent released CUD leaders save Eng, Hailu is the direct manefestations of Pan-Ethiopianism that has been traditional when the likes of Abebe Bikila,Mirutse Yifter,Haile Gebreselassie etc.and the Ethiopian soccer team wins the Afican cup and so on. Some pundits in the media and political operatives wants us to belief it is unique to one particular oraganizations miraclous political genius or certain individuals effort that brought about such galvanizing response on the part of the Ethiopian people. It is not by any means to demean the support of millions of Ethiopians to kinijt and its responsible and selfless leaders. They will continue to get more and more respect and support as long as they keep their covenant with the Ethiopian people. Any attempt to trade or hoodwink the TRUST that is bestoowed upon any individual or organization for personal agrandizement or betray the collective will faces the wrath of the Ethiopian people sooner rather than later. Enough is Enough!!
God bless Ethiopia And the Ethiopian people!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kinjit-Shawel = WeyaneVictory
Kinjit+Shawel = DemocracyVictory

Anonymous said...

Kinijit * Hailu = Kinijit

Kinijit / Hailu = Kinijit


Kinijit * Hailu = Kinijit / Hailu

This implies that Hailu is a multiplicative & divisive identity of Kinijit ,that is 1.

Anonymous said...

Thak you Ethio zagol!!
It looks like what you said is coming true! Somebody is making a grave mistake with in kinijit!!
I still do hope the chairman will comeback to his senses. Here in U.S. a lot of people are angry and confused. I hope everythig will be clear in the next few days. Ohterwise, 'dehan senbit kinijit"
Shame on us!!