Tuesday, April 17, 2007

(By Ethio-Zagol)
Amnesty International has a new report on action alert on Ethiopia. This latest one is about foreign nationals who are held incommunicado in Ethiopian prisons. This caught my attention.
Among those detained are several women and children, the youngest of whom is thought to be aged around four. Tunisian national Ines Chine was pregnant at the time of her arrest and had suffered a bullet wound to her back. She did not receive adequate medical care while in detention in Kenya, and Amnesty International is concerned her current detention continues to endanger her health and that of her unborn baby. Comorian national Halima Badrudine Hussein and Swedish national Sophia Abdi Nasir are both detained with their children, although the ages of their children is not known. Amnesty International believes that there may be another five women detained.

From killing nine year old kids for supporting the opposition to jailing a four year old "Al-Qaeda" suspect... that
is a new low even by EPRDF standards.


Anonymous said...

This site is Ethiopian Interhamwe recruiting site

Unknown said...

anon....dont use words you dont know the meaning of....instead hold accountable your weyane masters for what they do....It is amazing how weyanes just love to focus on the effects, and never, ever deal with the cause of the problem....achberbari!

Unknown said...

fitawrari said "achberbari"
You mean "Dembara?" how can a Woyane be acherbari? that assumes cleaverness. Don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I am amazed by the USAID director response. Here is what the director said regarding the 2005 election in Ethiopia: “I was not here in 2005 but I think we did have an observer group here during the election, including President Carter himself, and we felt that the opposition had lost the election. While there were a number of expressions of concern, and condemnation for the killings that occurred, we think some of our other donor partners had gone over board in encouraging the opposition and making them think that somehow they had won the election; we never believed that.”

What he said is not interesting as much as what he omitted to say. First of all, there were observers who were requested by the current government to leave the country as they seem to be more honest than Mr. former president. I recall at least two observer groups from America that were denied the opportunity. As far as Mr. former president’s group is concerned, even members of congress joke about the credibility of the formers president group as it always sides with ruling parties. Besides, that group was not the official observer. The EU delegation led by the hounorable Ms. Ana Gomez was the official observer. But that is beside the point. Let us examine the motivation of “the donor partners” who encouraged the opposition and “making them think that somehow they had won the election;”

I will use the age old adage of Western investigation tactic: follow the money. This means what is the economic or other advantage for the “donor partners” in falsely encouraging the opposition. Honest donors are interested in seeing their donated money spent as it is originally intended to and not to fatten dictator’s pockets or private armies. This is hardly an advantage. As far as I am concerned there is no advantage apart from encouraging good governance.

On the other hand, some NGO’s might have an advantage in having the status quo to continue. Ethiopia is one of the world’s largest donation recipient countries. As we all know, the NGO business is one of the fastest growing. Keeping a country in perpetual poverty and misery keeps NGO’s in perpetual employment. I have seen how expats lament when their contract ends and they have to go back home. I have also heard some expats who refer an assignment in poor countries as an opportunity that is hard to refuse; not because of their desire to help but the other advantages, which I am not willing to discuss here, it entails.

I rest my case and let readers judge who has an advantage here. But I want to conclude this by mentioning what the Bible refers to as the “error of Balaam”. The error of Balaam is that reasoning from natural morality and being blind to the higher morality of God. Balaam, seeing the wickedness of the ancient Israelites, supposed that a righteous God could only be happy to curse a wicked nation. But he was deeply mistaken. What I am trying to say here is that these NGO’s reason from natural morality and conclude what could possibly be wrong to give these poor people some help, while they also help themselves along the way. If any dictator wishes to help them to accomplish that, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Weyane is capable of doing any thing these days. I won't be surprised if they accuse an unborn child as an insurgent if they think that would please US and A (as Borat puts it).

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