Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ethiopian troops to start major offensive in Somalia

(By Ethio-Zagol)
Ethiopian and Somalia government soldiers are preparing to start a major military offensive against insurgents in Mogadisu, a source at the Somalia Embassy in Ethiopia said.

The source who requested anonymity because of the risks of leaking the information told Ethio-Zagol Post that the forces are at the final stage of their preparation. Mogadishu has remained relatively calm in the last week after the capital’s dominant clan, the Hawiye, had brokered a cease-fire about 10 days ago to end a calamitous fighting.

“The Ethiopian forces have gathered intelligence on the whereabouts of the leaders of the insurgents and they feel the time is ripe for major offensive to end the insurgency, “the source said. The Ethiopians will be helped by Somalia government soldiers.

Ethiopia has been stung by war crimes claims. On April 2, EU Commissions senior adviser on security for Somalia sent send a letter to Eric van der Linden, the commission’s head of delegation in Kenya, alerting him about the "significance of the events of the past four days in Mogadishu in terms of the international law on conflict". Hawiye clan elders said that more than 1000 people were killed and 4000 wounded during the heavy clashes in capital.

The new offensive will, however, commence despite the accusation. “The Ethiopian government is nervous about EU allegations; but I don’t see any evidence that it will stop them from another attack,” the embassy source claimed.


Anonymous said...

“The Ethiopian forces have gathered intelligence on the whereabouts of the leaders of the insurgents and they feel the time is ripe for major offensive to end the insurgency, “the source said.
Didn't they always say that before a major offensive or sweep? Claims such as these imo are part of the propaganda war.

Anonymous said...

Jendai Frazer and the Military attache of the US embassy in Addis Ababa exposed. The following is a quote from an article appeared in OpEd Megazine.

Washington Post goes from elitist paper to neo-con propaganda rag. Two editorials in yesterday's Washington Post point to the slide of that paper into the realm of neo-con propaganda spinning. Although this web site has studiously avoided commenting on the Don Imus matter, the Post equated the radio host's disparaging racist remarks about the Rutgers University Women's Basketball team to his previous calling of Vice President Dick Cheney a "war criminal."

The Post also lashes out at Eritrea for supporting Islamist "terrorists" in Somalia and lauds the efforts of Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer in threatening Eritrea with sanctions. What the Post will not tell its readers is that Frazer is a known supporter of American dictator clients from Rwanda's Paul Kagame, to Uganda's Yoweri Museveni, and Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi.

The Post will not report that Frazer's close colleague in Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, is U.S. Army Col. Richard Orth, the U.S. Defense Attache, whose resume includes logistics support for Kagame in the shoot down of the Rwandan presidential aircraft in 1994 (which has now earned top Rwandan government officials a criminal indictment from France) and subsequent U.S. military aid for his multiple invasions of Zaire/Congo. Genocide resulted from these covert operations.

Orth was the Defense Attache in Rwanda during the onset of the Kagame regime and then he moved to Kampala, Uganda where he provided similar services for Museveni, including the destabilization of Sudan through support for the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA), which is now part of the coalition government in Khartoum under attack by U.S.-supported guerrillas operating from Ethiopia and Chad.

This is largely Orth's and Frazer's handiwork. Although Frazer was officially with the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard during most of the Clinton administration, she worked closely with Orth and the Pentagon's and Defense Intelligence Agency's Africa bureaus.

So too are the three U.S. secret concentration camps now in Ethiopia. According to our Ethiopian opposition sources, the main camp is located at the Ethiopian airbase at Debre Zeit, near Addis Ababa. The two others are in the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia and in Tigre Province, which borders Eritrea in the north. Tigre is the home of the Ethiopian dictator Meles. The camps are housing detainees from 19 countries, including Sweden, France, and Canada and a number of Ethiopian opposition members, including ethnic Oromos, Ogadenis, and other minority groups.

Anonymous said...

The Economist Megazine blasted the Tplf regime again. The Megazine laments that there is no justice as long as people like Berhanu Nega and Hailu Shawel are behind bars. It stated about the division between some Bush administration officials and the Congress regarding Ethiopia. The Megazine also wondered where the terrorists who were supposed to have been rounded up after the fall of Somalia's Islamists are. It finally concluded by stating about Somalia "Bad news for Ethiopia—and by extension America".

Anonymous said...

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