Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Postponed again

The judges in the trial of CUD leaders, independent journalists and civil society members yet again decided to adjourn the proceeding. They finished most of the briefing today.
The judges said they would conclude the briefing and read the ruling tomorrow.
The briefing was read today by judge Leul who was supposed to be sick.


Anonymous said...

Thank you EZ as usual

But what are they reading?... is it a book written by Meles..
or something that is uncommon in ruling
What a shame
Everyday my hate grows....

But I will try not to hate no body

Shame to all Judges

Time Will TEll


Anonymous said...

This is what TPLF/WOYANE's justice is all about. I am NOT surprised of what the hell is going on in Ethiopia today. Ethiopians need to stand up to bully and make them pay. We do not have the right to complain without having done anything in our capacity. I was watching the news (BBC) they had an extenssive coverage about Zimbabwe opposition group. They interviewed the main opposition leader, a leader who has been beaten up and bleeding with major swell on his face showed a few days ago. Today, that man is telling the world that he would consider immunity to Mugabe, should Mugabe step down. For the first time I realized what is important, the most important thing is that we need to secure a better future for our people. So, we would like to keep our eyes on the prize. With such enlightened mode I would like to declare a PARDON/IMMUNITY to TPLF/WOYANE MURDERERS should they return power back in the hands of the public. I also would like to see our MANDELAS released from jail and given their proper place in society. These people do not deserve to be humuliated in this way, they won the election. The world agreed that they went into the election in good faith. So, its better for TPLF/WOYANES to release our leaders and transfer power to the people who won the election to make sure no misunderstanding occurs we would like power transfer to be done in about six months time frame to ensure smooth transfer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am fade up ! and frustrated from this tplf state. most of the time ask myself.
how can we accept any fair judgment from such a court under this killer goverment which have no more a moral value in ethiopians mind.
even gradually it is not simple to me to call them judge, court or goverment.
i hate or shame to be from this country.
death for Meles

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