Sunday, April 29, 2007

There are unconfirmed reports that the Chinese hostages are released by the ONLF. (more to come)
Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government has released eight people who it claimed were suspected of participating in the Ogaden massacre.
The report is now confirmed. See it here.


Anonymous said...

i am an opposition supporter just because i want a change of ruling party very soon. i really do want new ruling party but who in here really dislikes EPRDF??
in all honesty, i am in LOVE with EPRDF sooo much!!!!! albeit the propaganda we use to accuse the government, man, minus the propaganda from the likes of elias kifle lies, i REALLY love EPRDF with all my heart!! in all honesty, who in here can really say they don't like eprdf???? yes it is a slow moving multi-party parliament and economic growth and we try to use propaganda to say it is not good blah blah, but in reality it is hard to ignore that our country is actually moving in the right direction!!

i love Ethiopiaaaa!!!!!

i love you all guys!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a huge rumer from Tplf people that Melles and Isayas are going to meet face to face soon. Is this true? It is true that people at the state department have started talking about kick starting the border issue. Condoliza Rice told Seyum Mesfin that it is important for the US to start working with the Eritrean government. Kenya is also trying to do shuttle diplomacy. Is this true?

Unknown said...

It looks like you have more "information" than most of us here. Why don't you tell us more?

PS: I am sorry, I have to hold my breath not to burst in laugh so loud.

Anonymous said...

Two village dogs fight each other when they find nothing to eat. An old dog does not stop barking just to pretend as if it is still workig on its position. If not, it could be easily forgoten and miss its daily food. You love EPRDF if not you will be forgoten (if not killed) and miss your daily bread.So i advice you to keep on loving it. when you both find nothing, you will start fighting each other like the village dogs.....

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last anon, If one follows the responds of the postings about Samuel, and read through the massages, some of them become startling.I hope this forum stays orderd. There is Rumer about Melese and Isays.Are you the source of of it?Plese don't post hissing words.You are not obligated to respond to every issue- so feel free to abstain at times.

Anonymous said...

ONLF did the right thing by releasing the Chinese for an exchange of innocent Somalis released by TPLF. By releasing the chinese workers ONLF has gained a political recognition around the world. Its also nice they kept their word by realising the chinese workers immediately. Those chinese that died in the incident will be mourned in their country.

I think we are entering a new phase in the region, the used to be peace is no longer exists. This is a prediction: in the near future all Ethiopians are going to need security everywhere in Ethiopia. TPLF has crossed the redline and given all those elements who would be peaceful otherwise the reason to attack us.

Anonymous said...

Dear EZ,

I wish you find out what the CUDP leaders think on the Somalia case, and on ONLF military action. We need to know how informed they are, after all they are the real leaders of the country that elected them properly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,
you've asked a very good question. Unfortunately we 'll never know what they think, because, they are incarcerated and are not allowed to talk about what they think on issues that are paramount to our country. They are in Kaliti.
What a loss!

Anonymous said...

As the ONLF military operation drew you to a \\\"terorist\\\" conclusion last time,Do terrorists make this kind of good deed?
EZ,do not hurry and destroy your great reputation swiftly.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, in case you didn't know it anonymous, EZ's reputation has well been destroyed. EZ doesn't represent anything remotely close to objectivity.

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