Monday, March 19, 2007

Are you feeling lucky, punk?

EMF broke the news about the defection of Samson Woldeyohannes, Ethiopian MP.

You don't have to be a political junkie to know who Samson is. He was elected for parliament from Awassa under the Kinijit ticket in May 2005. When Kinijit leaders were imprisoned in October 2005 after they set preconditions to join parliament, Samson refused to abide by the party's decision and joined parliament and the CUD caucus.

In December 2005, he brought Kestedemena(Rainbow) party back to life and declared himself to be representing the party. EPRDF's election board duly gave him authentication and certification. Mind you, kestedemena(the party of Professor Mesfin, Brehanu Nega, Yacob Hailemariam, Befekadu Degfe , Birtukan Mideksa) was dissolved when Kinijit members formed one party in September 2005.
After forming a splinter group, Samson voted with EPRDF most of the time; and not even once in parliamentary debates, raised the ordeals of jailed Kinijit leaders, the issue that even tarnished figures like Lidetu Ayalew had raised repeatedly.

Now Samson defected to Belgium and claimed that he was a CUD member in parliament. He claimed he was imprisoned and terrorized. Oh yes, we are told that he was threatened to join parliament.

Commenters on this forum have several times suggested that one less man working for EPRDF means a bit of step to democracy. May be. I don't, however, agree that one more lier and opportunist being considered as hero of the pro-democracy movement means one step away from dictatorship. In fact it is anti-democratic and wildly unfair to genuine pro-democracy fighters who have sacrificed so much to see freedom and equality reign in Ethiopia.

Samson is a lier and opportunist to the core. If we don't call him that and treat him as he is, we end up being hypocritical when we attack EPRDF leaders for committing the same deeds.


Unknown said...


I am glad you have taken a position on this matter, I hate the "nutral" position you always seem to take. There is nutrality while my country is driven into the ground by a degenrate paranoid illegal regime. I cannot sit back and let these criminal organization run my country down to the ground. NO SIR! Not me, I am always on the side of the RIGHTEOUS. This time like many other time CUDP leadership is right! It is the proper measure for them to take, when they refused to join this political drama called democracy defined by TPLF intelligentia from abroad and applied on my people.

I declared those who sale in the name of CUDP without the core leadership is illegal! and must be condemned, Samson Woldeyohannes is an opportunist who does not have the spine to stand up right. Like Lidetu Ayalew,Samson Woldeyohannes does not know the meaning of "opposition party." I was surprised to see Ayalew clapping and hailing meles' decision to go to Somalia. I felt Ayalew bought the most secretive organization membership called "elite TPLF," I couldn't believe that he was sold for a job! WHAT A SHAME!



Unknown said...

Kudos to You Zagol !!!

The opportunistes are fleeing the Tplf regime left and right. Those who tought the regime could weather the political storm are proven to be wrong. If not for the unconditional support of the Bush administration, the regime would have crumbled by now. Time is running out on the regime. Rejected by the Ethiopian people, the regime is in a desperate war mongering mood from Asmara all the way to Kismayu. It doesn't take a genius to see the regime is feeling the heat due to the rejection of the Ethiopian people.

Victory to the thiopian people !!!

gizew said...
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gizew said...

Hi guys;

I am a bit confused could you please shade some light on your allegation. I know that many CUD memberes joined the so called parliament but we had some information that some of them were forced by TPLF to join. Are you sure that this guy was not forced to join and can you prove your allegation by supporting it with some evidense . I know there are many opportunists but we need to know who is opportunist and who is not before we go further than this.

Dil Le Ethiopia hizeb

Unknown said...

On the need to exercis order.....
If we are really promoters of democracy,freedom of expression,and defenders of human right violations, we need to set a standerd higher than our opponents.
We need to focus on our essential and commenly held values,set uncompromising perimeter around them, promote and defend these core assumptions.Any thing that comes outside this core values need to be handeld lightly.

Our struggle is directed at the core of the elite currently running day to day affairs of national poletics.Since this entity came to power it has constantly promoted anti Ethiopian ideological, poletical,and economic principles initiated by its owen party and implemented by its care takers.In doing so, conterary to the majoority of Ethiopians inters, it has set a dangerous preecident by imposing a new geo-poletical orientation around the neck of that country-this is all too familiar for every one.It is true individuals make up the whole,neverthless, our enemity is with those men and women who secretly make decissions using that party's c.c and polit-beuro. fore this reason we should not spare aany thing but use all means and effort to expose,undern-mine and and bring its inevitable desolation.Having said this each defector may have his personal reasons for doing so.I think individuals leave the state ,by no means these are the only onse,for this reasons: oportunism, fall-out indisfavour,vasillation.So if some one decides to leave that government and seeks asylum to begin life in a foreign land as a private citizine, I see no reason that this person violated my assumptions.I simpily wish him and his family well.At this point this person is not asking membership,nor is he being offered any position of responsiblity.Setting aside his past,it is simpliy his declarative act upon the future course of his life.Why do I have to raise a cloud of dust over this? Please let us not throw mud on one another over this Non essantial issues and give the observers the impression that can easily pass as immature ,infantile act.Instead I say to those who may be conteplating to leave from that regim this is the best decission you have ever made. If you know you are being forced to carry out order ,something under normal circmustances you could hve not done because you beleive doing that act is wrong,then trust your conscion and leave now.You can't remove your self from responsiblity be it under the guise of anonymity,following order,or chose to do it because evry body that you know is doing it.Before you go that road you have this option know,you can leave.The longer you linger around you will be draggfed to commit heinous crime that will bring your case to be exposed to justice.Perhaps the amharic word "GIFE" explais why Ethiopians from all wakes of life have unanimously said enough is enough.For any one who knows that nations psyche it must come only through this process, in no other way.The resolve of citizins is simply this- bring tplf's core leadership into accuntablity.
Please all of you who may be thinking about just doing this as others have done it the spies, deplomats,military personel,professionals, news casters,operatives,even the president ,and the foreign minister feel free to join the crowed.

Unknown said...

EZ, that's good message. Even if it is good news to see people leaving woyane regime, we must not forget as well that woyanes may send people to do the dirty job of dividing ethiopians.

People like samson must be kept in quarantine. If he left for his personal desire, it's good for him. BUT we must not applude like One MPs is leaving TPLF parilament etc stuff

Take care of possible woyane messangers in the name of CUDP. He must be scaned with X-ray until he is proved that he is not a danger for true proponents of democracy.

Unknown said...

I think many people here are very gullable to say the least. TPLF is a deadly serious organization that will kill 1,000,000 people to stay in power for another day. It has proven to us all. You all call the gathering of these fake politicians as "parlamentarians." This is wrong, they regime dancing on Ethiopian people head is UNELECTED MURDERER regime so when you call these runaways MPs and Paraliamentarians, you are essentially legitimizing the ragime. People like Samson Woldeyohannes are self-serving illegal people who knowingly joined the defeated renegade and dangerous organization to legitimize it. Because they stayed wfter the election they made the properly elected leaders (CUDP) leaders as the ones with problem. If these self-serving opportunists stood with the properly elected CUDP members refusing to ligitimize TPLF something would have happened by now. So stop fooling yourselves, these are people who joined the parliament at will, I don't buy their story they were forced! The ones that refused are the leaders of the country. They showed us all what integrity is all about, they stood to the bully in the face hardship and threat. They are courageous enough to say NO! The wouldn't sign any document, they wouldn't admit to the deaths of those young peacefull protesters who killed in cold blood methodically after allowing the soldiers carry fully loaded weapons they started to shoot, that is COLD BLOOD MURDER! and anyone that joined the TPLD drama called parliament is equally responsible, if not questionable by law for murder but guilty of joining the drama and ligitimizing this MURDEROUS REGIME DANCING ON THE HEADS OF ETHIOPIANS. So stop dressing them with cover of dignity. The one that should be applauded are incarcerated in jail while the renegade mass murderer is in Minilik palace drinking the country's future and pissing it and defecating it day-in-day-out.

Hagos said...
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Hagos said...

EZ gave us very important information. I agree with you when you say If we are really a promoters of democracy, freedom of expression, and defenders of human right violations, we need to set a standard. However, when you said higher than EPRDF/TPLF/MELESE people will loose your point because EPRDF did not promote democracy, freedom of expression, and never been a defender of human right violation in the past and present. So do the people who support EPRDF/TPLF/MELESE. You can not support a democracy unless you are a free person or you know you freedom is God given not by anyone. You have to believe first your freedom is not different than the freedom of the other person regardless of the race or the status of the other person because it is given by God. The right to life, the right to exercise your own believe, the right to choose, the right to pertaining to moral and cultural values, the right of association, the right of freedom of speech should be your choice not the other person preference. If you believe you have a choice, then you have made a choice to stay in it. You can only TRULY commit yourself to something if you are consciously choosing to do it. Our leaders did not avoided a threat to their life, in putting forth their principles went to jail recognizing that their interests are connected to the interest of their people. A disgrace person like Samson does not differ from Melese or Berket because they do not stand for democracy and Even from Day 1 they did not make a choice to commit themselves for individual freedom and individual right. Melese when he was fighting he was running after everyone promising them when he was provided money and support during the struggle. Since he was struggling for power he was willing to satisfy or promise those people who were supporting him. He promised once to Gadafi to change Ethiopia to a Muslim nation. He signed with EPLF a deal included Badmea . I will not surprise if Samson defected to Belgium because he was not satisfied with what he was provided once he joined the parliaments. He does not have a stand in first place and he did not made a choice to serve his people. He is an opportunist who tried to split CUD by claming as a representative of Kestedamana. Shame and disgrace even for him to claim know as a CUD elected leader. Unfortunately there are a lot of opportunists among us in Diaspora as well. It is Sad but they are the looser. They are selling their freedom and right for their selfish motivation. At the same time when you see Professor Mesfin you forget about those ignorant and energized to stand firm to struggle for our people freedom. EZ thank you again. I know your concern but this kind of people blow with the wind. I wish him good luck but history will laugh at him.

Unknown said...

Dear Ethio Zagol

what you said might be right. But discrediting Samson only helps others in the fake parlament to hesitate incase they thought of defecting.

Even if Meles allies. like Sibhat nega or Bereket Simon defects, we need to applould them .. so others will follow.


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