Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New look blog

This blog will become community blog with group of bloggers from Ethiopia and abroad writing entries, diaries and news daily within the next few days. The hot news and information delivered from Ethiopia by Ethio-Zagol will continue as well.
New features like Eat the press is added on the right side of the blog. The bloggers will pick top news about Ethiopia from the net everyday and post it in the Eat the press section. There will soon be a place for people to write their political diaries. Readers are welcome to write their diaries to and they will be published if they fell within the policies of this blog.
There will also be a section for democracy in action. The bloggers will every week post campaign information in this section.
The blog will blend news blogging, opinion blogging and blog activism. This is a place for people powered-politics, the seed of netroots in Ethiopia.

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Mihret said...

Go EZ, go go! Go EZ, go go! :)))

Very cool; keep it up! And am clicking on the ads!

zedmtk said...

Good and visionary move Ethio-Zagol. It won't take longer until every citzen would find out not only the "sem" but also the "werk" part of your blog. GOD bless you, bear in mind you are doing a histroy where a generation would be proud of.

zedmtk said...

Dear Zagol please accept my user name as Melkamu. And please don't post this comment as it is just a reminder. Thanks.

Halwo said...

You are doing a wonderful job. I wish other pro opposition websites which write just rhetoric and acrimony would take a lesson from you and open up forums for dialog on substantive issues.

keep it up

its_me_baby9 said...

Excellent Zagol,

Esopecially, people commenting directly from Ethiopia is essential for our discussion. I am glad you exist. I have one misgivings, please lets keep the discussion within the Ethiopian border, we shouldn't care about other country's politisc and social problems; for we have too much problems in our own Ethiopia and the regime pissing on the heads of Real-Ethiopians. So let's keep the comments to the demise of TPLF minority Ethnocentric Hegemony policy.

Gideon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wazir said...

good move. your niche is to provide information from ethiopia. i do not see the point why you need to carry the list of ethiopian websites in your blog that are easily accessable. i agree that you carry other bloggers list not the websites. the news they provide is highly repetitive anyway.

ra_oeil said...

Perfect move! Perfect timing!

Thanks E.Z. for always showing the way...


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