Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Ethiopian government denies mutilation of its soldiers

It was Black Hawk down all over again. This time, however, the dragged corpses were that of Ethiopian soldiers and their Somali allies.
Both Reuters and AP have reported eye witness accounts of the the incidents. This is what Reuters reported:
The corpses of five soldiers -- either from the Somali government army or their Ethiopian allies -- were desecrated during some of the worst clashes in the lawless capital since the interim government took over in December, witnesses said.

In one place, men dragged two semi-naked corpses by the feet while members of a crowd chanting "God is Great" kicked and pelted them with stones, a Reuters reporter said.

In another, three bodies were hauled round by rope, kicked and then also set alight, witnesses said.
And this is AP's account:

An Associated Press photographer saw insurgents drag the bodies of one Ethiopian soldier and one Somali government soldier through the streets of northeastern Mogadishu and then set them on fire.

As one of the bodies was still burning, women wearing head scarves and long, loose dresses picked up stones and pounded it as a handful of young men looked on.

The government of any self-respecting nation would surely be abhorred if its soldiers were the ones who were mutilated, dragged on the streets and burned. Ethiopia's government is a rare breed. Its response according to Reuters was emphatic denial :

Ethiopia denied its soldiers were among the five dragged through the streets. "That is categorically false," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ambassador Solomon Abebe.

No wonder.

This government got ninety thousand Ethiopians killed in Ethio-Eritrean war and decided to pull back when it was winning the war. This government massacred thousands of innocent Anuaks and blamed it on the victims. These government killed innocent protestors on the streets of Addis Ababa argued that they were trying to rob banks. This government lacks an iota of respect for an Ethiopian life.

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Unknown said...

Hey EZ,

Cool look for your blog. How about putting the name of your blog, Seminawork, on top, though, above the description (ethiopian life, politics, culture and arts)?

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Things are getting very ugly for the Tplf regime in Somalia. The regime's reckless decision to send our troops to Somalia for the simple reason of pleasing the Bush administration is turning deadly as expected. The Tplf regime and its cohorts were telling us that they would be given flowers by the Somali people in return for the invasion ( Exactly what Bush told Amercians before the invasion of Iraq). The regime's cadres were shamlessly asking Ethiopians to celebrate the "Victory" too early. The last time the USA ventured in to Somalia, the Somalis dragged the bodies of the American soldiers on the streets of Mogadishu and America pulled its troops, immediately. But how about the Tplf's response? As Serial liers that they are, flatly denied the fact the World witnessed today.

The Tplf regime put itself in to a quagmire very difficult to get out.

Unknown said...

Dear brother Daniel,

TPLF has enough Ethiopian lives to squandered with, its not going to pull out its cannon fodders. Its a habbit for TPLF to sacrifice too many healthy Ethiopians for an exchange for some money in the name of the HIV/AIDS victims in Ethiopia and that money goes directly into Meles' private bank account in Malassya. You all know by now Azeb (Meles' wife is the head of HIV/AIDS program treasurer. They send their kids to foreign lands every summer. Do you know that every summer they have been sending all TPLF Central Committee children to foreign countries for summer vacation since 2002? But Azeb Mesfin (Meles' wife) denied of having extra money after paying for their kids school.

So rest assure, there is more Ethiopian soldiers bodies will be dragged around town in Mogadishu and they still are okay with it. As long as the Americans felt shame and tell Meles to pull troops out of Somalia the killing will continue. Surprisingly, even the Bush administration is refusing to get out of Iraq while all are against staying longer. As long as Americans are paying blood for every minutes staying in Iraq Ethiopia will pay life for staying in Somalia, that is a given.

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