Friday, March 23, 2007

Breaking news: Court Adjourned again! again!

(By Ethio-Zagol)
The trial of CUD leaders, civil society members and independent journalists is adjourned again today. The trial was over in three minutes.

Judge Adil didn't appear today and the other two judges raised the complexity of the case as a reason for not finalizing the decision before today. The court was adjourned until March 30.


Fitawrari said...

this is psychological warfare, they play yoyo with Ethiopia...i find myself enviing the americans guts...."The crazed lone shooter" theory could really come in handy here...

its_me_baby9 said...

This is how you know the trial is not controlled by cout but by Meles and his criminal organization. They know the outcome and they are fiddling with the Ethiopian people emotion. Its sending a message saying look what I can do to your leaders. The Americans are the only one that have political leverage to Meles' TPLF regime. If they were not financing his warmachine Meles would not have flaunted on Ethiopians the way he is doing it right now. Shame on the Americans who are playing the Ethiopian public. By financing Meles the Americans are daily lubricating Meles' security appratuse, which essentially allowing this TPLF to continue in his beligerence to basic human rights. Where on earth have you seen the elected group suffering in jail while the defeated party governing and foreign elements are intervining thru financial incentives. They are saying to Meles what you are doing is OKAY with us and continue to do it.

tiru said...

We have must learn from the hero of Somalia insurgents.
They speak the langueg that properly teachs WOYANNE
And you have seen the result.
Unfortunately, we are not chanced to see a leader from Ethiopian opposition group who can coup up with the existing situation of Ethiopia.
Some times, we are to much confused the statement what you deliver in the meeting whole. You always speak peaceful struggle when woyanne is brutally executed us.
There is no any philosophy that says tyranny comes from gun except quotations.

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