Friday, March 30, 2007

Precedent set

(By Meqdela)
I have followed trials and court processes for more than two decades. Yesterday's was the most amazing.

I have never seen judges start reading decisions and adjourning the court before they go through the whole decision.

I have never seen evidences repeated in rulings. I know evidences are summarized. Contrary to Ethio-Zagol's statement, yesterday's was not a summary. It was repeating whatever the prosecutor had already presented.

I have never seen a not-so-sick sick judge. Judge Leoul who was the allegedly sick one had a cold. Who amongst us interrupt work because we have cold.

I have never seen a trial where so many Ferenjis get disinterested and sleep away while observing. Why would they come to the court room if they aren't following the case attentively; however boring it might turn out to be?

I have a suspicion that the judges haven't yet reached a decision. They were on fishing expeditions to delay that.


Unknown said...

hi meqdela
you are is a new approach.but you need to be an experienced chewer to understand the kind of this court proceedings.from the fake prosecutor to his masters all of the process going on with bertcha and chebsi.
and yesterdays secession was known as Gireba(to look for if something important from the trash(Geraba).)
Sewoch mela belu!what shall we do?
The wastes(america goverment) is ethiopian people enemys and expect them for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Woyane's plan of the Greater Tigray

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