Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sad departure for AP reporter

A year and 52 days ago, Antony Mitchell, working for the Associated Press, was forced to leave Ethiopia after his impeccable journalistic works angered Ethiopian officials who accused him of "tarnishing the image of the country".
The man who replaced Antony, Leslie Nehaus, is expected to have a less dignified exit from Ethiopia. Leslie who called "some" opposition supporters in DC "scumbags" is forced to resign from AP in connection to the infamous comments. "Forced resignation" is the diplomatic parlance for being " fired".
Last month, he lost his job at the VOA.


Ethio said...

Alula, we know you.You are a simple dog who simplly shouts with the mouth that eat. Didn't you know that woyane had GOt ZERO, O, parilamentary seat in Addis Abebe, which is the most diversified population and the Head Quarter of the Ethioia. This is more than enough evidiance to show that woyaane is now on power by Gun and not by Election and preference of the Ethiopian People

Unknown said...

Leslie Nehaus deserves to loose his job. Although UIC was a threat to the region , people have a right to show they are not spporting the invasion of Ethiopia. There were several protstors against Irag invasion. It doesnot mean that they were supporting saddam Hussien.

Unknown said...

The guy is amazingly disgusting. It is unfortunate for a journalist to engage himself in an insult bazzar with Somalis and Ethiopians alike just because they are not supporting the US blessed, Tplf invasion of Somalia. He was telling the Somalis how popular the puppet government of Abdulahi Yusuf is. It is like being more Catholic than the POPE. Can you imagine that we are getting news reports from Ethiopia that are written by these kinds of people who are very opinioneted?

Karin and Dawit said...

Nehaus has said what he believed and whether someone is offended or not does not change the truth. Do you guys in Diaspora (funny name) have an argument to disprove Nehaus? So far none.As Nehaus rightly has pointed out, your vision seems to be divorced from realities on the ground. Paper work remains paper work and never takes off unless it is founded in ralities. Quite a number of you are siblings and relatives of the Dergue nomenclatura. Others are royalists that sold the emperor and his ministers down the river to end their days ignominously in front of a firing squad. Who made H.E. Aklilu Habtewold, former foreign minister of Ethiopia for decades, cry audibly in a public radio? Guess who? MESFIN WOLDEMARIAM, who now claims to be a human rights advocate. What kind of human rights is that? You tell me. Although the term "scumbags" is ill formulated in the media, the truth still stands, you betrayed your emperor and his ministers and you are now occupied with tarnishing the name of Ethiopian democracy, for which our people have yearned for ages. Winning elections in Addis can give you the support of at most 2 million people and nobody has denied you that. But that does not give you a carte blanche to embezzele and usurp the rest of the votes of more than 70 million people by some yet undefined process of right by extension. For that you shall have to wait for next ellection. You don't want to do that because you know you will loose vastly, that is, unless you make an honest preparation already now, provided you have any credible programme. Ever heard of that?

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