Wednesday, March 14, 2007


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-It seems there is another Ethio-Eritrean war in the horizon. Ethiopia's Foreign Ministry has openly implicated Eritrea on the Kidnapping. Should we go to war with Eritrea?
-The number of people expected to come to Ethiopia to celebrate the millennium is revised upwards to 700 thousand.
-The White House letter writing campaign is still continuing.


Unknown said...

It is not true not that many Ethiopians would go home to celebrate the millennium with TPLF while their leaders are incarcerated. We know what TPLF is thinking, by releasing them soon they think all Ethiopians are going to embrace TPLF. My hunch tells me that TPLF organized millennium party is only for them to enjoy in the name of celebrating Ethiopian millennium. The truth is that we are NOT going to be there all Real-Ethiopians are going to celebrate their millennium at home where they are at, those in Europe are going to celebrate it in Europe, those in North America are going to celebrate it in North America and those in Ethiopia are going to celebrate their millunnium at home in a Tegrae Free Zone.

In DC we are preparing a huge celebration of Ethiopia millennium in a Tegrea-free-hall where we all are going to be present. Let me assure you in every major US cities we will have Ethiopian millennium celebrations and all are to be held in a Tegrea-free-zone.

With respect to starting a war with Eritreans we say go ahead and make our day. We are waiting for that moment. The minute TPLF starts war with the Eritreans we are going to take side with the one that is favorable to Ethiopians, you all know what I am talking about. Its our wish they do that before the millennium so that all Real-Ethiopians can celebrate two victories.

With regards to letter writing campaign, we are doing what we can, but it seems the current US administration is fixed on Iraq and Afganistan. So they don't seem to be reading our complaints. But all Real-Ethiopians continue to write their letters to congress representatives.

Tachew23 said...

I agree with the above writer!
It will only be another chance for those mindless bandits to legitmize themselves in front of this ignorant world. After all,how can one be happy on the streets of Addis while the blood of those who died for freedom is still not washed with the freedom that every body of us dreamed?? How can one be happy in Arada Georgis while people like Mesfin, Hailu and Birihanu,Birtukan, etc are still languishing in that worst chilly room????

For who ever thinks to go there, I better say, for goodness sake, think 2000 times before going to celebrate the 2000 yr!!!!

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