Friday, March 16, 2007

The incredible hypocrisy of the west

Almost all of today's broadsheets in England carried Zimbabwe's human rights abuses on their front page. They have stories about the brutal dictator and the world's response to the recent violence. Morgan Tsvagari was lionized on The Independent.
Since the violence, the BBC has opened most of its news with Zimbabwe, its top correspondent Orla Guerin reporting from South Africa. Other European media outlets have also extensively covered the story in hostile ways to Mugabe.
The man has to go. He is a classic African dictator who has no regard for the wishes of the citizenry he is supposed to serve. He is corrupt and brutal. Yet the same scrutiny which is afforded to this liberation hero is not given to another dictator a few thousand miles north of Zimbabwe. Meles has killed more people in recent years. His soldiers and policemen have tortured more opposition activists. He has imprisoned more opponents. While in Zimbabwe, the opposition MDC has its offices all over the country, the main opposition in Ethiopia is unofficially outlawed. Mugabe's three months ban on demonstrations was received with abhorrence by the west. In Ethiopia, demonstrations have been prohibited since May 2005.
Two striking issues differentiate Ethiopia from Zimbabwe. While Mugabe told the west to "go hang" long time ago, Meles has chosen to be the pawn in their hands, their SOB. Mugabe's defiance was met by sanctions from the furious west. Meles, an equally fierce dictator, is being showered with financial gifts from the World Bank and the west.
More importantly, there is "the white factor" which has made Europeans and Americans to act differently in Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. Meles killed his own people, unemployed youth(as Donald Levin shamelessly put it). Mugabe's dictatorship started to become unacceptable when he confiscated white-owned farms. When Mugabe murdered 20 thousand people in Ndebele in 1980s, the opposition from the west was largely muted.
let me save the racism jibe for the moment. The very least I could say about the reaction to Mugabe is hypocrisy.


Unknown said...


My feeling exactly.

Unknown said...

Thank U EZ !!!

I was feeling the same thing when we were bombarded with Zimbabwe news yesterday. The Westeren hypocracy is beyond imagination. Recently the Tplf regime committed more crime than anybody in Africa but the US administration is bombarding them money and political support because he is "OUR BOY". The Same thing applies in Sudan's Darfur. The West that kept quite when millions of people perished in Rewanda (there is no OIL) is bomdarding us with Darfur (the is OIL).

Unknown said...

Dear Alula,
Please Write your trash idea on The Ethiopian Herald or on AddisZemen or on eftin or on Amare's Reporter... This blog is a site for Truthful, commited and non-opportunist Ethiopians. Don't post the Shabianism banner on our beloved Ethiopian Brothers, Sisters and Friends of Ethiopia. We don't have enemies like Meles and his gangsters. They will be sentenced to death with out any avenge both on Ethiopian History and on The trust-worthy court during The Government of The Mass(Ethiopians')

Unknown said...

Dear EZ,

I find myself in the most uncomfortable position to read comments that mean harm to my beloved country Ethiopia and her elected leaders who are incarcerated in prison while the evil rider midget horse is in power representing nothing but the interest of the West at the expense of all Real-Ethiopians.

How dare you allow people like Alula to insult my leaders as "power-hungry beasts" when they are properly elected representative of the Real-Ethiopian dream. How dare a Lifatcham agame mosqito who has yet to clean up his nose call my leaders "power-hungry beasts?" I am angry as hell by having such degenerate TPLF cadres equall given the chance to their opinion let alone having to insult my leaders in my face.

EZ, please do us a favor and remove this degenrate Lifatcham tegrea of this site and send him to hell where he belongs, the Aigaforum, walta, and othar TPLF dis-infomation sites.

Unknown said...

"They abandoned it the moment it organized homeless kids to create chaos in Addis Ababa. Addis Ababans asked themselves, DID WE ELECT KINIJIT SO THEY MAY BURN THE BUSES WE USE FOR TRANSPORTATION, THE KEBELE OFFICES WE GO TO BUY FOOD OR THE SCHOOLS WE SEND OUR KIDS TO LEARN? Since then Addis Ababans have collectively said, the hell with kinijit.

To make such statment, after losing the election 100% is some thing. Your above statement makes it clear what kind of “human being” you are. Not even the strongest x-ray machine can show your inside clearer than that.

Unknown said...

ferenji are not worried about dictators, they are worried about themselves....mugabe wanted to stay on power so he went after the white land owners..... These white land owners have been there since independence....he was cool with it! now twenty some years later mugex did what he should have done back then, simply to remain on power...Both mugabe and meles are bad for their manages to kiss ferenji ass better than the other....While accurate,this report hurts me a little because it shows that somehow, we still expect ferenjis to come help us out....let s just forget about them and remenber who they are!!!! Meles' let s not wish for meles to be picked on by s not happening, meles=graziani=toselli=mussolini

Unknown said...

Mugabe Versus Meles is a very good coparison of US and British racial marks. That's the reason that I do not expect something positive from missionary Yamamotooo

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