Thursday, March 01, 2007

US ambassador working to get political prisoners released

Donald Yamamoto's quiet diplomacy to get the leaders of CUD released may be working, American Embassy sources who wanted anonymity told this blogger today. Yamamoto has been pressing for the release of the political prisoners for two months now. The sources said his style is to avoid the megaphone diplomacy which made the wavering Tim Clark, Head of EC's delegation in Addis Ababa, to fall out of favor with both the EPRDF and the CUD.

Yamamoto is also winning the hearts of Ethiopians working at the US embassy who were shocked with the abrasive and biased approach of his predecessor, Vicki Huddelstone. "With him, it is diplomatic niceties coupled with a judicious approach to the issue. He is doing his job well; and there has never been as big hope as now that the prisoners will be released and political dialog will re-open ," one source commented.

Court sources thought that there wouldn't be significant happening on March 5th, the day the trial of the CUD leaders resume. More mediation efforts will be made by American Embassy and the Ephrem Isaac group before the court makes its decision. The chief mediator, Professor Ephrem Issac, is back in Addis.

EZ's message: Yamamoto's efforts are commendable. Let's write him a letter of appreciation and encouragement for his efforts.


dave said...

Dear ethio-Zagol, May God bless you for your tireless effort on revealing the truth about weyane. I really like your critics, analysis, and comments, because it is usually based on the truth. Good job!!!
I was thinking about the “apologize and get your freedom” proposal for quite few days and now convinced to share what was going through my mind for you and others. I sincerely believe that it is a grave proposal that has normally been used by the wicked minded guy to trap his fellow brothers since from the jungle. The former EPRDF’s PM Ato Tamrat Layne (who is now in jail) would be our tangible example for this; He fell into the hands of his enemies by simply “apologizing in public”, which was proposed to him by his colleague.
At this time, Meles is tired of digging for any good reason to support his case at his kangaroo court, because they simply do not exist. On the other hand, his famous course of fabricating stories to convince others (westerns) is now very unpopular; therefore, his myths would not fool them anymore unless they intentionally want to play the “we didn’t know” game.
The only choice that he seems to have left with is to use his old method of ‘looking innocent’ trick. As I mentioned in my previous example, he approached Ato Tamrat Layne, the former EPRDF’s PM, as an innocent brother and convinced him to apologize in public. We all know what happened next; regardless of the truth, the former Prime Minster now has NO WAY of defending himself now!!! They threw him to jail using his own words of apology.
So… Why is meles pressuring the Opposition leaders to “apologize” in public in order to be free? What is the reason behind this? Frame them by what they have to say in public so that they will not participate in any political activities in that country anymore, or jail them using their own “apology” as an acceptance of their wrong doing??? Does he really want to “free” those Heroes who revealed the true nature of this "New Breed"? Does he really want to free those who stood up for the poor? And then what?
I do agree that a practical dialog and forgiveness is the ultimate solutions for our country. However, dialog and apology are far different things. Beside, this is the famous form of deception that is frequently used by meles to frame is competitors! He has been using this innocent looking “apology” for decades to corner his opponents.
In conclusion, even though it is very sad that many of us are not sharing the suffering of those who stood for us, we, 95% of Ethiopians, do not believe our jailed leaders have any reason to apologize to us, the people, or anybody else. I think seeking an apology from someone who is innocent, honest, and truthful is the lowest political value ever! And at the same time, it is the old fashioned game of Zenawi.

God Bless Ethiopia, and the People

Ethio-Info said...

zagol, While it is good to encourage anyone who works for the release of the prisoners. Yamoto is not to be trusted and we should not be so eager to give him praise for something we really don't know much about. Please don't praise him again until we see some change in the US policy and actual results in terms of releasing the prisoners.

Tassew said...

It is Good to hear the News of the Release of Our Leaders. But, these Foreigner are not trusted with much Hope since we have seen them for many time in the past 1-2 years.

Anyway,, Thank you for this Good news

Enitagel said...

I share ethio-info. I kindly advise not write a thank you letter to Yamamoto at this stage, even not to praise him. If it really mean that he is doing good job, let's see the result first. In the last two years, we praised some actors (be it local or foreign actors) and then we were disappointed because we discovered that some of them were playing games what Meles had prepared.

No thank you to him at this stage. It is early
Last, if you said that Yamamoto is doing a quiet diplomacy, why you break that trend trend by posting it in public page. What is the benefit ? If its really to praise him, we all Ethiopians will praise him when the job is done. There is no to say too late. Even history will not forget all those who fight for the release of our leaders.
So, let's not be too hurry to praise.

Samuel Habtu Belay said...

Many thanks again EZ for keeping us informed of important developments. Good comments also made by other contributors on this particular story. My suggestion is that instead of writing to thank or to praise the Ambassador, we can write to encourage him to do the right things during his tenure of office in relation to securing the unconditional release of our leaders as well as opening up the political space in Ethiopia.
Samuel Habtu Belay (

its_me_baby9 said...

EZ, sometimes even desparation pushes people into saying what they do not believe in. I think this is case in point, praising a person who attempted to put a lock in the hands of our leaders.

Don't you forget what Yamamoto did right after TPLF imprisoned our leaders. He went to the African affairs committee congressional meeting and blamed CUDP for the peaceful protest and the resulted unprovoked mass killing on the streets. He did it in such a way not too many people understand. His precence in the meeting on the side of TPLF is an invisible evidence to the memebers of Congress that they should disregard the cry of Ethiopians. Its done in the most hiden way there is, by speaking the positive aspect of TPLF, which I doubt they any; somehow lets the members of Congress know that ITS OKAY! the dead are dead and lets keep on embracing TPLF. That was the meaning he came out to give, and he did it without shame.

Like the commentator on top (Dave) says, Yamamoto is asking for CUDP to apologize in public in order to trap them and exonerate TPLF from the killing as well as give TPLF the ligitimacy they want to ensure their strong hold. Done't expect TPLF will give up power in three years time, because iuts a dream. They will do the same thing thy are doing now. Believe it or not now, they are less stable and in a wobbly state, this is our chance to remove this dangerous organization.

So, please EZ stop endorsing individuals like Donald Yamamoto. As far as I am concered he is the Satan himself who gave cover to TPLF to get away scotfree with the mass killing. I do not believe him.

Tafesse said...

Get this straight, commrades
H.E. Donald Yamamoto is the US ambassador to Ethiopia and not some colonial viceroy who can decide who goes to court in Ethiopia. The day of judgement is nigh, AAPO and Derg remnants. Repent and your sentence might not be more than 20 years and well deserved too.

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