Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mediation stalled

It seems the mediation efforts to get the leaders of CUD, independent journalists and social justice advocates released from jail is going nowhere. I will write more about that tomorrow.


its_me_baby9 said...

I never took the mediation serious anyway. I think many are hopping TPLF to change her act of vioalation against Rea-Ethiopians. The truth is she will never do that its better to work to remove her ars from our country than to hope she changes her conduct. Changing will mean asking her to return power to the people, that ain't gonna happen. So our only option is to work underneath and let her sink in the broiling hot lava after the Ethiopian people let their volcano over explode.

Tafesse said...

This kind of rubbish comment is not going to benefit anybody. If you don't like a government you just throw them down the well ! That is not democratic, what it is more, it is a treason to try to change anything by force. That being said, mediation is a strange term. Who is going to be the pimp to twist the course of justice ? The only possibility is clemency, if and when the president of Ethiopia deems it appropriate. No more, no less. This kind of begging for mediation through the backdoor used to be an accepted modus operandi in governments of yesteryear. It is immoral, corrupt and abuse of power to interfere in course of justice. Either they are guilty or they are not guilty. Period.

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