Thursday, March 29, 2007


(By Ethio-Zagol)
Last week a lot of people believed that the court would give its verdict. It was postponed again. I think there will be a decision tomorrow. The judges seemed pretty sure last week that they would do that. But who knows? May be one of the judges is ill.
I will as usual come up with the news tomorrow morning(local time). Fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

woyane is vicious, i do not beleive a decision will be reached tomorrow....she will keep dragging it....i mean, people....isn t the derg guys trial still going it?...didn t almost all them die in prison....that s what weyane is after, she wants to play with our hearts....On the real weyane can not afford to let any of those leaders out....If only one of them is out, then it is my beleif that ethiopian people will intensify pressure on weyane.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read the news and the verdict
I will pray for peace and freedom to come at last

Thank you EZ as always

Anonymous said...

Woyane is neither a competent regime nor it represents anyone's interest except its own. The verdict was given in Meles' dinning room while feasting. Now the question is will Meles change his mind at last minute? He is going to let them go free, but they have to agree not to join parliament. They will be banned from Weyane fake congress.

Anonymous said...

I do not expect good thing from weyane in any way. The court has no right to do any thing! It is guided by the ill and evil sprit of Meles!

Thank You EZ!

Anonymous said...

Where is the newssssssss
I couldn't sleep EZ

Please say something

Even it means bad.. I just want to get rest

BEst wish to ALL


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