Saturday, March 31, 2007

Talk and truth

(By Ethio-Zagol)
EPRDF's officials are calling and having meetings with the people of Addis Ababa. Many people are avoiding the meetings. The agenda is: Narrowing down the rift between Addis Ababans and EPRDF.
We can't accuse the front for trying to talk to people. Yet I am told that in most of the meetings, the cadres listened to what they want to listen; not what the people told them. Their answers were pre-prepared . Dictators always stir clear of the truth. EPRDFites have the same bad habits.
If they want to make peace with the Addis population, they should be strong enough to hear the truth, face the music...and then change.

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Unknown said...

EPPRDF officials have a meeting with the people of Addis on the following reasons.
A, to make and use as an escape got some of their cadres as to why they become north and south pole, particularly with the residents of Addis.
B, they need to prepare a ground to held election on Woreda and kebele level so that a sort of lubrication is essential to them.
C, alienation of EPRDF cadre is mostly implemented by the residents of Addis. As a result of that, they are not able to access information and to know the hearts of the people. Hence, a certain promissory coated approach is necessary to narrow the gulf.
D, if you observe the officials who are discussing with the people are those who tested the bitter defeats in May 2005 election. Therefore a certain lip service is required to recover again.
After they did these, they will take their final revenge against the jailed leader of kinijit.
If the official of EPRDF really need to reconcile with the Ethiopian people, this is not the right way. By the way, they are also pressurized the people as to why they elected kinijit instead of EPRDF?
What ever TPLF officials say we should enforce them to accept our fundamental questions. such as release all political prisoners, Respect human rights , abide yourself by rule of law, stop intimidation, stop bantustaization, stop discrimination.
At the same time we should enforce the opposition groups to come to unity if really they are sincere for the Ethiopian people.
They should stop their non sense war, blaming each other, biting each other.
They have to know they are in most things below the level of the Ethiopian people consciousness.

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