Friday, March 09, 2007

A year of blogging

One, two, three...218 posts and 365 days. It feels so long and so short at the same time.


Belachew M Fikre said...

Hello EZ,

that you very much for your unfettered effort in being informative of the current situations of Ethiopia, even if this venture is meant too risky to handle.

Congratulations on your first year accomplishment in navigating us all the way through these harsh days of our beloved country under the brutal authorities. Hoep this blog will change soon to a message board for exchanging ideas of Ethiopia's progress...


Ethio said...

Zagol,, Can I Say Happy Birth day to you?. I hope, the Coming year will be a nice and a prospers year for You and for the Ethiopian People as a whole. You are doing great and Please keep on this novel job. God Bless you

Unknown said...

zagol it's my pleasure to say congratulation for the 1st anniversary of your blog.You are a hero for me.always when i read your blog their is someone came across in my mined.For me you guys are same. keep your self from those thugs. keep
up your good doing. but their is also failure in your plan about kinetibeb blog and your book. may be you have
reasone for your self but at least try to update kinetibeb. once again congratulation our HERO.
Muse B.

Unknown said...

Hi Ethio-Zagol , i do not know what to say but i thank you so much for your effort to inform the situations in Home to fellow Ethiopians and international organizations . When ever i heard about a new situations @ home , the first blog i always visit is yours .
I know that you are exposing every things from Addis , but are you sure you are safe ?? Please make sure you are safe always cze those ticks will suck your blood when they found anything about you .

let my God be with you and be safe

Tazabi said...

Hey Happy aniversay EZ!

There is nothing else for me to say except you are the best and the bravest!

Take care of Yo!

Unknown said...

Selam EZ,

Happy Anniversary my dear!

I have no words to thank you enough. Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless’ of our beloved motherland, Ethiopia

Take care of yourself my fellow Freedom Lover!

Unknown said...


You have been exteremly important on allowing us to pass our concerns to the international community. Happy anniversary and may I say Ccendane! May you live a 100 years.

I have one complaint to make though, please remove TPLF elements from this website, TPLF has monopolized all Ethiopian medium and prevented us True-Ethiopians the chance to voice our concerns. Thanks again for the service you are providing. I hear from many people that this is the most sought after site in Ethiopia and all around the world.


Ethiounited Moderator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ethiounited Moderator said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ethiounited Moderator said...

On behalf of my colleagues and myself, it is my great pleasure to congratulate you on this most special 1st anniversary and well-deserved recognition blog, Ethio-Zagol. Mr./Mrs. Zagol's distribution of Infromation, and friendship continue to serve us all as an inspiration of source of information.
Ethio-Zagol has changed the flow of information between the true Ethiopians and made it more and more helpful, useful, exciting and resoursefullness.
We realized that Ethio-Zagol has been extensively investigated and tested, and this blog will lead the informations coming out of Ethiopia.
Ethio-Zagol is the Reuters, Associated Press and AFP of Ethiopia for

Geja said...

Happy first anniversary Zagol, hopefully by next year this time you will be reporting on how the country is doing with its new found freedom without the shackles of Meles the Kosso fit. I am also proud to be the first person last year at this time to start commenting on your blog and send your address to friends. I saw the value you were about to add by the depth and honesty of your reports and a year later now you have kept up your promise to report with integrity from the belly of the beast no matter what.
Ethiopia has many types of children, Mengistu and Meles who bring her nothing but misery, our CUD leaders who bring her honesty, integrity and their unflinching drive to show the rest of us that it is possible to be free without shading any blood, and a few others like you who report the truth even at the expense of their well being. We are all paying our dues now for wasted years and lost opportunities of the sixties and the seventies. We were emotional and our student leaders were idealists, more bent on proving Marx was right than finding out the appropriate political and economic mix for the country based on its history and cultural framework. As a result of these and so many other factors our hard earned revolution to turn the country around for the better was taken over by opportunist cadres, first Mengistu and now Meles. The killings and misery the first dictator bestowed upon us for seventeen years turned us into lambs and ready for another round of carnage, this time by another dictator who is not just a deranged megalomaniac but wushetam kemagna with no love for people or country other than his own bank account.
I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your perseverance and honest hard work to tell us what you heard and what you saw. In a year filled with disappointments from both friend and foe, in a year where even those who stood for freedom and liberty for more than two hundreds years of their history, becoming the beacon of democracy and home for millions fleeing away from persecution, even such countries turning away from their principled stand and siding with dictators who terrorize their own people, in such a year that was filled with too many ups and downs even within our midst, in a year where Meles spared no resources to close down all other media that is not to his liking, and then to have you always available, always consistent, and all these time with your integrity intact, leaves me with hope for the best going forward, as there must be more of you just trying to come out and help breath in the spring of freedom and democracy for all Ethiopians. Thank you and God Bless.

Hagos said...

I know it is not easy but we have to continue our commitment to our people and our country. Especially you, when you work in the middle of the Saigon alone it’s hard. I heard a lot about you from more than one person who personally knows you. Your dedication and accountability for truth gave this blog a high rank and forcing everyone to visit your blog daily to read the hottest news about EPRDF circle and to learn what is going on in Ethiopia. Although your risk is very high your dedication to exercise your individual freedom will expose the work of Aiga and other web site who are not free themselves and clearly reflected by their action and determination to be a servant of the government or organization and that shows themselves are still in chain. Unless you are freeing yourself from oppression and claim your own freedom it is known that you can’t stand for other people freedom. Unless you are free your self and claim your freedom you will be the puppet or the voice of the force that provide you bread or hope to survive. Unless you are not a free person your survival will depend on the one who own your freedom. A free person owns his freedom and will not anyone take it away from him even in oppression environment. That is why Martin Luther, Gandhi, Mandela, the CUD leaders stand for their right regardless of the situation around them. Standing for freedom is beyond that. You lead you destiny by exercising your freedom free from any fear and suppression. What you say will depend on the truth not to feel or protect anyone. To stand for freedom first you have to make yourself free. I know it is hard but you should be proud because you are standing for truth and you are expressing your freedom and wishing to bring this change for everyone including for Aiga and others who are still under control mechanism of the government or organization by different means of manipulation which suppressed their individual freedom and right to stand and voice the truth. Stay strong and I pray the strength of God to be with you. I pray God to provide you with a wisdom and knowledge when you deal with people who are covering their eyes when their own people are bleeding.

Unknown said...

hagos you the man. I don't have nothing to say.

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