Saturday, March 10, 2007

Breaking news: OLF behind the destruction of runners' monuments: police

The Ethiopian Federal Police quoted eye-witness reports to allege that the monuments of Ethiopia's great long distance runners, Abebe Bikila and Mamo Wolde, were destroyed by OLF operatives in Addis Ababa. The monuments had stood at St. Josef church in the capital for years. The Federal Police said OLF had previously claimed both runners belonged to Oromiya and the monuments were erected without the consent of the Oromo people.

"OLF has been destabilizing the country for many years. This is just another attempt by the terrorist group to spew fear among the Ethiopian people," Commander Demsash Hailu, Federal police spokesperson told local press today. Commander Demsash also indicated that the federal police suspects Shabeiya and Brehane Mewa's Kinijit International might have helped OLF's operation. "The vocal diaspora has shown that it is in bed with Shaebiya. We don't rule out the involvement of Brehane Mewa in the destruction of the monuments," Demsash said.

Meanwhile, Zeru Hagos of has called the act "genocidal" , pressed the Ethiopian government to swiftly bring the perpetrators of the act to justice and condemned the DC based extremist groups for sending money to the "criminals".

For the EPRDFites who have long ago forgotten to distinguish truth from humour, the above is not a fact. Spare me from comedian Daniel's fate.


Alula said...


There is no humour in what you wrote. It is disgusting! The terrorist acts of OLF and KIL have consumed many innocent lives .


Tassew said...

"This story will destroy both OLF and KIL. EZ has got the vapors over it".

In what way will this news Destroy the two while we know all these are false accusations of woyane on its proponents. Woyane is known very well for its world record lies that has been surface through out the world.

For me, this is the work of woyane itself. No one can did this except woyane itself

cheche said...

Dear EZ,
This ain't funny. You are compromising your reputation.

Next time I read a blog from you, I have to think "Is it a true story or is it another 'not so funny' joke?"

Alemu said...

It is stupid. Do you know how many Ethiopians left Kinijit after KIL formed a mind boggling coalition with OLF, ONLF and EPLF? Too many to count.

EZ, the KIL you support is led by traitors who let down our Kaliti leaders.

museb said...

for Alula

Melese wasn't a terrorist even during derg time as well as now funny?
He never robbed any Bank he never killed even fly.he's your angel he never lie.Got it.qiqiqi.... but the others are terrorist.b/c they are not in power you no what before some years most of Ethiopians including me try to trust weyanae what he try to sell us.not any more b/c they are world no 1 lier some day you will open your eyes.
good day dude
Muse B.

Daniel said...

Thank you Zagol!!!

This is another funny Comedy from the Tplf regime. This is an indication that the regime is unable to govern the country peacfully. The regime is in an all out war mood with the new formed alliance. Why are the TPLFiest worried about different Ethiopian political parties forming an alliance to look for a solution the country is engulfed in since the regime took power in 1991? They are doing everything under the sky to destroy the alliance but they will never succeed. We Ethiopians are awakened since May 2005. Ethiopians are subject to one of the most brutal and corrupt systems on earth including murderous private tribal militias, staged terrorist incidents, vicious secret police and fake institutions of civilized government where they have no voice. The accusation of the Alliance of "staged terrorism by the Tplf regime" is the latest indication that the regime is crumbling faster than we expected.

zesemai said...

"Ez's comment: This story will destroy both OLF and KIL. EZ has got the vapors over it."

HOW AND WHY?????.....We all knw the malicious act of the Weyane's. For sure the "destruction of runners' monuments" is the filthy action made by these gurielas. The TPLF gangsters' feel/felt just the topled Mother Ethiopia.

Daniel said...

Zagol I think people seem to be confused on how you said the accusation would destroy the alliance. I thought it was a humer on the Tplfiest but people seem to get it wrong. you should explain it more.

Hagos said...

You know children always play a trick in one way. If they fool you once they think they will fool you always and continue to do the same thing again and again because of their in-mature mentality. However, but when you see adult person doing the same trick again and again it shows how that person is stupid or he always think the people he is tricking are stupid. We should not be ignorant and stupid let them be the stupid ignorant as they are this time. One thing we need to realize EPRDF/TPLF has been playing a game for the past 15 years by creating a suspicious environment around us to prevent a collaborate work against them. They tried to create hostility between Oromo and Amarah which coasted us many lives of our love one and it works for them for a while, they created hostility between different tribes in Awassa and coasted us our love one life, they created similar hostility in Gambela again selected plan coasted us educated young men, they tried to create hostility between Orthodox church and protestant church in Awassa it did not work, they have been trying to create hostility between Muslim and Christine although it works in some area but still did not succeed as they want and many more. However, this is one of a new foolish game. They tried to force the CUD leaders in prison to condemn AFD to secure their release but they did not succeed. They told them they will not do that and refused them. Therefore, their only chance for them is to find a way to attack AFD. To do that their stupid and foolish mind went to cemetery to demolish a statue of Ababa Bekila and Mamo Woldea to fingure point to OLF and KIL.
This really shows how EPRDF/TPLF is dangerous for the Ethiopian people. We know t that they are the one who put Mamo Woldea in prison and releasing him a few days before he died? Why OLF or any Oromo will demolish Ababa Bekila or Mamo Woldea statue. If EPRDF/TPLF portrayed like OLF want their statue to be erected in Oromo region or with out their permission that is wrong and foolishness no one will by it. If that was their reason I do not think OLF will destroy the statue because OLF claim Addis Ababa is Ormia city. The statue of Ababa Bekila or Mamo Woldea was their not because of the Ethiopian government it was their because of their family consent. Unless we are blind we will not caught up with this stupidest EPRDF/TPLF foolish idiot game.

cheche said...

Guys it's a joke! Don't you get it? EZ said so at the end.

This show you guyz don't read the whole story before you jump into the bandwagon.

Alula said...

Seminawork blog as a whole is a joke. The owner is immature and treacherous. The blog is financed by Ethiopia's enemies to blackmail EPRDF, the best government in modern Ethiopia's history.

zesemai said...

Dear Alula, change either your name or your treacherous mind. I feel that your love towards TPLF/EPRDF is a modern-primitive outlook which centered on id....not your igo.....

Enitagel said...


These days you are trying to lift up Ambassador Yamammoto who is trying to save Meles, by forcing CUD leaders to appologize and then to consider them as a criminal by their own words (like Tamirat Layne, etc).

Now, you are posting crap information to boost Woyanes propoganda mission for character assasination.

Funny, to reciprocate in kind for the good thing you are doing for Woyanes, they just unblocked your blog.

DO NOT DELETE THIS POST PLEASE and let others judge on what's going on with your blog background since a couple of weeks.

Hagos said...

I thought it was true because you know they are primitive ignorant. When we try to tell people about Melese and his gangs they always say is that true with a surprised. However, they always tend to forget they are a bunch of morons who still thinks as a mafia and a gang style. Any way EZ you got me good this time.

its_me_baby9 said...

TPLF is responsible for all the destructions in Ethiopia. They have the nerve to blame others, the OLF has existed before TPLF, they have never done that before why would they do it now? This is the work of TPLF trying to gather support from the other Ethnics, well it is not working. OLF has done a lot more for Ethiopia that TPLF ever have.

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