Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sham trial resumes

(By Ethio-Zagol)
The treason and genocide trial of CUD leaders, Civil society leaders and independent journalists will resume tomorrow. Many observers expect that the court will decide whether the prosecution has provided prima facie case against the defendants.

According to this blogger's sources, some EPRDF supporting lawyers and judges including supreme court justice Menbretsehai had in the last two months been working on the case. The judges in charge of the case also from time to time sought advise from the prosecutor.

"The judges aren't the ones who will decide the case. The prosecutors and a panel of lawyers who are close to EPRDF will make the decision based on the political orders of Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia's dictator," one source said. The panel will try to make the decision appear to be reasonable for the international community.

Meqdela, Ethio-Zagol Post's new blogger predicts the decision.

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Unknown said...

EZ, I don't know if your blog is playing against the release of prisoners. Before the "court" give its word in its way, you published your hypothesis under the title "Tomorrow....What will happen?". Is it not sometimes counterproductive what you are posting ? I mean, these peope (Meles & co.) are always alergic what other ethiopians say. May be the "court" doesn't want to approve or disapprove your hypothesis .

I had commented similarly related to the "mediators" issues.

So, my advice, please be patient in some sensitive issues. Well, you may drag your blog visitors but don't forget the possible consequences as well.

Just brotherly advice ! The rest, your are doing great job !

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