Sunday, March 25, 2007

Up the Creek Without a Paddle: Interview with Meles Zenawi

(By Mengedegna)
Wow, how sweet the fruits of a well-directed question! This interview made my day.

I particularly enjoyed the section on human rights. It seems the ever-eloquent Meles couldn’t dig himself deep enough on this one. His rebuttal to the question regarding the the recent US state-department report (which detailed the findings of independent inquiry commission, and the circumstances which forced both the commission chairman and vice-chairman to flee for their lives) was my personal favorite.

That is not the case…I have not read it, but I know having read the department
of state reports on human rights for over a decade now that they do tend to get
things wrong.

Umm….ok. And then, his delicate teatment of the Somalia situation:

Well let's get the facts straight first, we did not fight a proxy war on behalf
of the United States…in the initial phase before we intervened, everybody,
including the United States was warning us that we might walk into a trap and a
quagmire and that we should think twice before taking steps.
Why he is hell-bent on taking all responsibilty for the growing debacle in Somalia is beyond me, but the Americans really couldn’t have orchestrated a better exit statement themselves. Nicely done. (Perhaps the choice of “scapegoat” over “pawn” is merely a matter of personal preference…?)

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Unknown said...

Meles is a degenerate Qat eating ruminant who reads a book and tries to live like the book says. If you give Meles Dr. Brhanu's book while he is digesting his Qat, he won't know whose book it is the next day you will see him acting and speaking like Dr. Berhanu. Too many people take Meles a serious leader type of personality. He is like the average BEGGAR in Addis who just came from Mekele. A Beggar is a Beggar, no matter what you give him, he prefers to beg and live of othr people sweat. Meles and his friends are in power for as long as they can, now they are collecting all US DOLLAR coming to the country. They are either thinking of getting away or they are on their way to declare Greater Tegrae and use US currency for their new Republic of Greater Tegrae.

So What Meles says should not be taken seriously, instead take serious the AGAZI force for they have no emotion in killing Real-Ethiopians. When they come everyone should be ready and hol on to a couple and then use those weapons to get more weapons from all the AGAZI soldiers. Believ it or not TPLF won't know how many have been taken down unless the Real-Ethiopians tell the count.

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