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Meles on Somalia...What a dumb dictator!

(By Ethio-Zagol)
When Meles Zenawi is challenged by a real journalist, the theory about his "great mind" becomes highly unsustainable. We know what happened when Stephen Sacur of the BBC's hard talk put him to test. Andrew Simmons a journalist of highest integrity was in Addis Ababa recently and took Meles to task. See here how dim-witted he could be.
Of course, there are challenges in Mogadishu, but the rest of Somalia is very
stable and even in the case of Mogadishu, taking into consideration the fact
that this is a city of 2.2 million people, awash with guns, the type of
security challenge we currently face are not all that unexpected or

There are mortar attacks on the national palace and the airport almost every day. Ethiopian soldiers were killed and dragged on the streets of Mogadisu. This isn't really alarming security challenge for Meles.

If one assumes Somalia is equal to Mogadishu, then, of course, that could be a
correct assessment, but I believe Somalia is not equal to Mogadishu. The rest of
Somalia is absolutely stable and even in Mogadishu, while there are these
challenges, these are not insurmountable challenges. You talk of daily attacks
on the Ugandans, as far as I know, not a single Ugandan soldier has been killed
since arriving in Mogadishu. That gives you an idea of the scope and scale of
the attacks which understandably are exaggerated by the media.

Almost a fifth of Somalians live in Mogadishu. It is both the commercial and political capital of the country. ALthough it isn't equal to Somalia, It is the most important part of Somalia. Most of the wars in the war lords era were fought in Mogadisu. Without the capital's stability, there can't be full stability in Somalia. There are reports that at least 40 thousand of the city's residents have fled since the insurgency started. Is the benchmark for stability the death of Uganadan soldier? How about the refugees? How about dragged bodies of Ethiopian soldiers?

Now, this assertion that they brought peace to Mogadishu, in some ways is very
similar to assertions by some, that Hitler, for example, instilled, enforced
peace and stability in Germany after the turmoil in the Weimar republic, but the
way he did it was such that it would be obnoxious to everybody and could
not be sustained.

Now this is an intersting statement to make. Those who credited Meles for bringing enforced peace should take note.

That(somalians think Ethiopia is an occupying power) is not the
overwhelming opinion of the overwhelming majority of people in Somalia.

Did he get that from the same TPLF "pollesters" who predicted a sweeping election victory in May 2005?

Had it been the case, we would not have rooted out the Islamists in four days
with a very limited contingent and we would have had fire burning throughout
Somalia, that is not the case.

How does he expalin America's swift conventional victory in the Iraq war and the subsquent nation-wide insurgency? Is it the case of Iraqis, discoverning in the spur of the moment what they hadn't at the start of the war?

The Horn of Africa is much safer now than it was in December, in spite of
the conflict in Somalia and the tension in Eritrea, the Horn of Africa is doing
very well economically the bulk of the population lives in Ethiopia and Ethiopia
is doing very well economically, we are going ahead with all our plans, so I
don't think ... I can't say the Horn of Africa is very stable and safe but I
cannot say that it is deteriorating either.

Kidnappings, thousands fleeing from their homes, torture, mortar attacks on puppet leaders....That is the story of horn of Africa since December. God save us from what Meles thinks is the worst.

More on Meles's view of Ethiopia's human rights situation on Monday.


Unknown said...

Thanks Zagol

Melles Zenawi is becoming not only bankrupt but also foolish. His talk about democracy and stability in the Horn of Africa shows how unrealistic and bizzarre he is becoming. Who is he trying to fool? Does he think the world is full of idiotic cadres like that of his Tplf foot soldiers who parrot whatever comes out of his mouth? His statment about peacefull Somalia is baffeling. He flatly denied the clear truth the world knows that he invaded Somalia on behalf of the Bush administration and to deflect attention from the Ethiopian people. Melles Zenawi and his Tplf foot soldiers are pathological liers.

Unknown said...

I really appreciate the journalist Andrew Simmons, he exposed zenawi in a diplomatic way, to the world how a habitual liar that guy is. It is amazing to hear him saying "we are elected by the people".

Unknown said...

I think he got alzheimer's that's why he forget things at all.Sorry for my country nd people.

Unknown said...

Not only Meles has been exposed to the Ethiopian people, but his lie was making the journalist grin every once a while. I laughed when Meles said "we are elected by the people." The lected group are in jail, while the defeated group are running the country's economy to their advantage.

The whole matter of Democracy comes down to one point, Meles cannot leave the position he is holding, it will mean to give up all the economic advatages his TPLF and Tegrae enjoys. There are over 1000 companies created in every sector to suck the Ethiopian economy and blood dry. How is it possible for him to give up all that? You guys must understand, Meles would like to release all the political prisoners free with no harm and handsome compensation with golden hand shake, but the catch is they have to leave political life for good. That will mean untill another formidable challenge comes it will give Meles a 10-year break. By then he and his TPLF organization will have killed Mother-Ethiopia for good.

CUDP leadeship is a menace to TPLF and Meles. Now that his brutality is visible even the average Ethiopian is disgusted with TPLF and Meles. Other than that Meles and his TPLF has managed to corrupt all the opposition party leaders like Lidetu Ayalew (is more TPLFiet that Meles "Monster" Zenawi). How is it possible for an opposition to agree with everything Meles does? If you look at what Lidetu Ayelew has in his home, you'd all be surprised. Lidetu Ayalew has his own share in many of the 1000 TPLF created companies. Everytime he agree with their policy he receives a bonus.

Unknown said...

I like reading your blog for several reasons, one of which is that you have current and usually accurate information. I generally consider myself to be on your side of the political question, and I am not that troubled by your partisanship. But when your partisanship runs so wild as to border on bigotry, I feel sorry not so much for you but for what one can hope for that cursed land. I saw the interview by Al Jezirra. I may hate Meles, but I still do not appreciate it when a Ferenji tries to ridicule and make fun of an Ethiopian whatever the station of life of that Ethiopian may be. But even worse, I hate it when Ethiopians like you gloat over the fact that an Ethiopian's body is dragged alogn the streets of Mogadishu by some crazed and heathenish fanatics. You may not respect Meles, but you should have the decency to express outrage at the indecency inflicted on the Ethiopian soldiers sent by Meles. At least, that is something that I would expect from someone who expresses allegiance to a minister of Mengistu who had no excuse other than "I had to raise my kids" for being silent when the corpses of youngsters were dragged in the streets of Addis as it is now happening in Mogadishu. Don't call me a woyane, because I am not. Don't dare to call me a woyane just because I differed from you too.

Unknown said...

If the security of Somalia is not alarmed as Meles said why he agreed cease fire with Somalia insurgents?
If the capital city of a country or the head of the country, the symbol of the nation, is destabilized how one can say the other parts of the country is stabilized?
How some one compare the most significant to the non significant?
Who told Meles that arithmetic analogy works for practical social philosophy?
Mogadishu is the decisive city for Somalia security. The most cultivated parts of Somalia reside there.
You cannot talk peace and security when Mogadishu is destabilized.
I had no doubt for long periods of time about Meles weak mind.
I am always worried why a great nation is governed by collection of wreaks
Why should also ask our opposition groups who don’t cop up with the current situation of Ethiopia.
We must pressurize them to think on their wrong means of the struggle.
You known all of the opposition groups try to liberate us through begiology.
How many things we have to beg?
For reconciliation, begging,
For liberation begging,
For development,t begging,

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