Friday, March 23, 2007

Is there something behind the adjournment?

(By Ethio-Zagol)
After the court adjournment today, speculations are rife as to the fate of Ethiopia's mostt famous and respected prisoners of conscience. The fact that two of the mediators were seen at the PM's office yesterday has added fuel to the speculation. Is the sham mediation still on? Will Meles budge? Some diplomats in the court room today seemed to think so. I am not sure. As The Economist said....Meles has got used to weilding an iron fist.

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Unknown said...


You have been telling us what is going on in Ethiopia for the past year, its sad to see our leaders are still incarcerated despite the unlawful practice by TPLF regime pissing on the heads of Ethiopians are being aproved by foreign powers. Meles is a criminal who is supposed to have been in jail, instead we have the right people in jail while the wrong people are out partying. I am sure that his intentions are stil to getaway scotfree from all responsibilities after giving the go ahead order for mass murder to his AGAZI (made up of Tigrae only force) comanders. The funny thing, he is not saying he is not criminal, he is saying they pushed for his action order.

There is a great difference between accepting responsibility and twisting the source of his action toward the innocent AND refusing to accept responsibility. First Meles panicked and ordered the mass killing by bringing his force from Tigrya. Then, after killing hundreds of innocent civilians old and young alike, because they asked for democratic government. His own judges voted 8-2 his AGAZI Force used exessive force against innocent protesters. This is what happened, you ask for democratic principles to be followed, instead of correcting the wrong yo go into killing mode. Typical African regime, it was funny how Meles and TPLF were trying to tell us they were more democratic than Shabia, they say they are lightyears ahead of everyone in Africa. Well, the reality is they are worse than everyone in Africa. At least most African regimes only steal money, they do not kill innocent people.

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