Sunday, March 04, 2007

Is Eritrea involved?

The British tabloid Sunday Mirror seems quite sure that Eritrean Militiamen are involved in the kidnapping of the five Britons. Here is the story.
If the Eritrean government is involved in this banditry, I consider it as an outrageous attack on the sovereignty of Ethiopia. But we have to take the words of Ethiopian government officials with a pinch of salt. They are certified liars.


Unknown said...


I perfectly understand your axiety over the involvemnt of the terrorist Eritrean regime in the kidnapping of the British tourists. After all, your Kinijit (KIL) is shabia's happy slave, and the regime's involvement in another despicable act is as much damaging to shabia as it is to KIL. In fact, there is rumour KIL has some role in the abduction. The Sh.t will soon hit the fan. When that happens, I don't wanna be EZ. Hehehehe.

By the way, since you claim to be an advocate for "human rights", how come you are silent on shabia's terrorist plot that was unraveled by the Ethiopian security forces? Shabia and its AFD affliates were responsible for the deaths of 6 innocent Ethiopians and the destruction of millions of birr worth properties. Do the lives of innocent Ethiopian victims of shabia/AFD terrorism mean anything to you? Or as many people allege "Human Rights' is a smoke screen to throw dirt at EPRDF??

Unknown said...

"certified lairs" of course they are
የተጨበጨበላቸው ውሸታሞች look what alula said hear he trying to tell as about KIL and shabiya but he totally forgat about weyanae and shabiya love over Ethiopia for the previous years.He/weyanae gave our land,our resource,our weapone ... to shabiya, not KIL. alula our diffirence simply starts here you believe your dame tyranny group[not govt.] but I don't believe what they said not only me most of Ethiopian people I say 'most' not 'all' b/c you have faith on him እድለኞች አይደላችሁ። What's the difference b/n you guys weyanae and shabiya no difference at all for ethiopians.get it

Unknown said...

This media is still infiltrated by TPLF, I am afraid it may even be controlled by them. There are several things we must know, TPLF is the most dispicable lying organization there is. I have never seen an organization that is by far backward than TPLF whose aim is to kill Ethiopia after they rob the whole country. The are doing the robbing, the killing is coming soon.

You said it yourself, EZ; "THEY ARE CERTIFIED LIARS!" TPLF cannot tell the truth even for one minute, because their whole existence depends on lying, their world is built on no foundation. I worry how people believe even anything TPLF says. Their new gimmick is to deflect the public attention from the commencing CUDP trial. Its like building a house on sand base, when the wind of truth hits it will tumble down. They lied about Eritreans being in Somalia, even their leader said, there are 2000 shabia soldiers and we will find them from the dresses of the somali ladies. Then, without apologizing for the lying, he went on saying six high ranking shabia were caught escaping thru Kenya, there has been no proof presented. Recently, they say shabia was planing to blow up the AU, then they said shabia was caught planing an attack by hiring Ethiopians to blow up and having blaown up past explosion.

What can I say, they sure are "certified liars" you cannot believe anything anymore. They blamed the CUDP, the May 2005 national election winning party for the killing done by AGAZI FORCES. you don't know what to believe anymore the constant lies coming out of TPLF propaganda machinery or the truth we see before our eyes? I leave the answer for the reader.

Eritreans are our friends in struggle for freedom from TPLF, AFD is the best thing that has ever happned to Ethiopian political and freedom fighting history. Now that the whole Ethiopia is aware of the treacheries of TPLF all we need to do is reject their version of anything and continue to build ur base so AFD will be stronger and better. Beleieve it or not there are new freedom fighting groups are popping every corner in Ethiopia. TPLF/WOYANNIE days are numbered. The new Afar National Democratic Movement (ANDM) is another evidence that TPLF is losing everyside except Addis Abeba, even in Tigrai there is a movement called Tigrai People Democratic Movement (TPDM). I magine, the money they stole goes out of the country stashed in foreign banks so they can use it when they are ejected by the Ethiopian people. Why do you think meles asked to stop the investigation of his $42,000,000 stored in Malaysia, because he knows the investigation might pull more then TPLF bargained for. All TPLF Central Committee is embroiled in saving public money in foreign banks for their own personal use.

Look at it this way, when they came from the jungle they had nothing except so much lice and a rusted rifle. what do they have now? They are the billionnaires, they are the millionnaires. How about the Ethiopian businessman? he has been shutt down from import/export. Gumruk is held by TPLF Central Committee, as an Ethiopian business man you cannot import/export without the permission of these insects. All Ethiopian business community know what I am talking about.

Tazabi said...

Thanks for the update EZ. You are absolutely right about taking the words of EPRDF with a pinch of salt of course.

I find your talent for self delusion simply breathe taking. Just because you believe in your own lies does not mean you are fooling anyone else. Oh! And there is no political mileage for TPLF in trying to shackle Shabea on CUD’s neck either, because Ethiopians know that EPLF and TPLF are two faces of the same coin; hell bent on destroying Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

We all remember that during their Dedebit days in the 80s, kidnapping and abducting foreign journalists and relief organizations staff was a favorite past time of TPLF. I wouldn’t put it past them to have their hands in these abductions too, after all you can take the man out of the jungle and give him lodging at Menelik Palace, but you can’t take the jungle mentality out of the man.

Unknown said...

tazabi well said. you remebered me something they/weyanae(shabiyas,same coin) abduct Russians back then and that time derg(their big brother) accuse Sudan helping them; look this time it's reversed they accused each other ሌቦች ሲካፈሉ አይደል የሚጣሉት?
muse b.

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