Monday, March 05, 2007

Was it Al-Qaida's revenge?

Another confusion in the kidnapping saga. The Independent reported emerging fears that the kidnapping may be linked to Al-Qaida. Read it here.
I, however, doubt the connection. Al-Qaida or groups linked to it usually take responsibility for their actions almost immediately. More than five days have now passed since the abductions.


Unknown said...

A lot of speculation and media frenzy in the UK. Here is the latest.

Ambassador pleads for help in search for kidnap Britons as wrecked vehicles found

· Diplomats in talks with Ethiopia and Eritrea
· Distressing find highlights gravity of plight, says FO

Xan Rice in Addis Ababa and Matthew Taylor
Tuesday March 6, 2007
The Guardian,,2027381,00.html

Unknown said...

Hi, guys,

Why do you think that guy was let go? to incriminate whom? Who do you think does such thing? Or just give me a single reason, why they let him go? Woyu is so primitive; they have never done any thing correctly before. I hope they don’t kill that guy now. Watch!!!!!


Unknown said...

It was TPLF that abducted the foreigners. Why is EZ giving TPLF another reason to exploit the West for more dollar?

The abducters are TPLF militia believing UK will pay for each hostage $10,000,000. TPLF will deposit a large sum of dollar in one of their foreign bank accounts. The British intelligence should follow large deposit into foreign bank account if they wanted to confirm my story. But there is a catch, they have to make the cash available first.

Unknown said...

This might be an act of aggression from the part of the Asmara regime. I give it a 50% for this scenario. Issayas cannot just live without tension and war. They have made our people in Eritrea miserable. In their short history they fought with Yemn, Djinouty, the rest of Ethiopia and Sudan. Herman Cohen has called them :" gret destabilizer'. I think an issayas Afeworki free region is somethin that we need to work. In this reagrd, I call for the OLF, ONLF and EPPF diassociate themselves from the cruel Eritrean Regime.

I also give 50% to the scenario where Arat Kilo is preparing us for another war with Eritrea. From some TPLF sympatizer websites, lately the rethorics against Eritrea has skyrocketed. Arat Kilo has learned a lesson on May 15 2005 that "ETHIOPIAWINET" has won. They ethnic politics they bhave been preaching for 15 years was rejected by the PEOPLE. So Arat Kilo may come to the conclusion that if they get back Assab, they might get the favor of the people again.

Besides, Washington hates Issayas. With the current kidnappings the Europeans may tacitly approve it also if Meles go after Issayas.

I think we need to work hard to avoid such a war. We need to mobilize a kinijitawi movement in Eritrea to deal with Issayas. Both Issayas and Meles mus be removed peacefully. They must not be allowed to sacrifice the blood of our borthers before and beyind Mereb river.

By the way, I DO NOT SEE ERITREA AS ANOTHER COUNTRY. I SEE ERITREA AS TIGRAY. For me Meles and Issayas are the same. They are both killing my ethiopians borthers.

mikewhills said...

Kidnap Britons 'found' in Eritrea

Reports that UK embassy staff kidnapped in Ethiopia are safe but in the hands of Afar separatist rebels are being investigated, the Foreign Office says.

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