Sunday, March 04, 2007

It seems that nobody is believing Eritrea's flat denial of involvement in the kidnapping of the five Britons and the eight Ethiopians(the remaining five were said to be found by security forces patrolling the border). The Observer, a very reliable Sunday paper, carried a news which contains the most serious allegations so far. Read it here.


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Hi Zagol !! Thank you for the update.

The BBC is reporting there is some progress on the issue. The BBC World Service's Africa Editor, David Bamford, said the claims of Eritrean involvement were being met with scepticism.

"It doesn't seem to be in the Eritrean government's interest at all to be engaged in anything like this."

He said the allegations were coming from local party officials in Ethiopia, who could be seen as having an "axe to grind".

If Eritrean soldiers were involved it could only be explained as a "mistake", he said.

It was more likely a local rebel group had abducted the Britons, but he said local internal politics and the remoteness of the region would make it difficult for British officials to establish what was going on.

These days it is almost impossible to trust anything that comes out of the Tplf regime officials mouth. The Tplf regime doesn't seem to coordinate its own lie. The ambassador in UK told BBC that he doesn't want to finger point on Eritrea while the official in Afar state is pointing his fingure. As an Ethiopian I am embarrassed to trust foriegn media than my own country. It seems that Tplf is once agin lying to deflect our attention from tommorow's court proceeding. It really doesn't make sense why Eritrea would kidnapp foriegn nationals.

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Here is another one from the telegraph.

Negotiators 'making progress' to free Britons

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I think the abducters should ask for each English citizen $10,000,000. Do you remember British and Americans made Moamar Gadafi pay $10 million for each of their citizens die in the plane bomb attack way back in the 1989. I think the abducters should ask for the same amount to free the Britons, and if the Ethiopians are of the same ethnicity as the current regime, then they should ask for the same amount from Meles, they have the pocket of the country in their possesion, I am sure TPLF can afford to pay. However if the Ethiopians are of original Ethiopians then they should be freed. That is my judgment for the time being. Should things change then I will change my judgment.

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I didn't know Eretria was anexed [b]1933![/b] Tracy must be Historian.

"The war's history
Eritrea was once a province of Ethiopia, its larger landlocked neighbour. It was annexed in 1933, suffered a civil war until 1991 and gained independence in 1993. They have a fractious relationship, and were at war from 1998 to 2000; 100,000 died. Tensions remain over borders. One of the main reasons behind Ethiopia's decision to enter Somalia in December was her desire to show its strength to Eritrea. Meanwhile, the UN accused Eritrea of providing support to Somalia's ruling Islamic Courts Union to destabilise Ethiopia.
Tracy McVeigh"

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It seems that Tplf regime's allegation of Eritrea is behind the kidnpping is already backfiring. The ambassador in London is already backtracking what the local offical said stating we don't have any evidence for the allegation while the UK foriegn office is thanking the Eritrean government for thier cooperation.

another one from BBC

This will hurt Ethiopia in the futer. Even if we have legitmate concern over Eritrea on our national security issue, nobody will believe us anymore.

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